Online Registration 

Online Registration is an interactive web based application developed to provide potential substantial time and cost savings to those mailing registration. The objective is to improve efficiency in managing the process. This system has been launched by the Board on 1 April 2013.

Before proceed with this Online Registration, please do the following:

  1. Read the Guideline on www.newera.edu.my/competition/amc/en/db/guideLine.php
  2. Read and make sure all the information are correct
  3. Prepare all the required supporting documents

Step 1

    Example Picture 1
  1. Go to AMC website;
  2. Under the left hand side of the website, please select "Online Registration";
  3. Example Picture 2
  4. Enter user ID and password;
  5. Click "Log in".

Step 2

    Example Picture 2
  1. From the "Application Type", select "Australian Mathematics Competition Registration".

Step 3

    Example Picture 3
  1. From the Australian Mathematics Competition Registration Form, make sure that all the school information inside the form is correct;
  2. Fill all the information under Teacher in Charge;
  3. Click the "Choose File/Browse" on bottom of the form;
  4. Find the Excel file of participant from your computer;
    (Several requirements are need to fulfill for the Participant Excel File, click here to viewed)
  5. Click "Registration".
    (Once submitted, participants’ information is not allowed to change.)

Step 4

    Example Picture 4
  1. Please make sure that all the information are correct;
  2. Make sure Registration fees are correct;
  3. Click "Generate HTML Form" to continue the online registration process.

Step 5

    Example Picture 5
  1. Please make sure again that all the information are correct;
  2. Click "Print this Page" to print the form.

Step 6

    Example Picture 6
  1. After the Click "Print this Page" button, will appear a printing pup-up window, click "OK" to print out the registration record
    this is a example picture using FireFox to preview, different browser have different printing pup-up window. If printing pup-up window is not display, please inform us;
  2. After print the registration record, click "Home" to exit the registration process.

Participant Excel File Requirements

    Excel File Example Picture
  1. Must be the excel format download from https://www.newera.edu.my/competition/amc/document/2022 AMC_Registration StudentList (revised at 14062022).xlsx
  2. (Picture);
  3. Fill all the school information above the participant list;
  4. All the participant data format must same with the example inside the excel file;
  5. Cannot have spacing line in between student list;
  6. When uploading, make sure excel file name are correct, and excel file extension must be (.xlsx);
  7. File size not exceed 4MB.