Course Details

Award: Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language & Literature (BCL) (N/211/6/0018) (04.04.2016-21.03.2021)
MQA Approval PA4546
Duration 3 years (total up 8 semesters, incl. Industrial Training)
Intakes March, May & September
Total Course Fees RM 36,200 (To view complete fee structure, please click HERE)
Medium of Instruction Chinese

Course Introduction

This is a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, involving a three-year study in New Era University College. With Chinese literature as its core, the programme includes courses on etymology and related studies such as history, philosophy, philology as well as courses on Malaysian and Southeast Chinese.

The objective is to produce graduates with a strong moral character and to enhance their ability to adjust to changing social trends, to appreciate and to maintain cultural traditions, be creative and innovative, and to meet the professional demands of the job market.

Programme Modules *

  • Chinese History
  • Readings in Chinese Learning (Classics & History)
  • Readings in Chinese Learning (Philosophy & Anthology)
  • Introduction to Literature
  • History of Pre-Qin & Han Dynasties Literature
  • History of Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties Literature
  • History of Tang & Song Literature
  • History of Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties Literature
  • Selected Classical Literary Works
  • The Four Books of Confucianism
  • Chinese Classical Documentation
  • History of Chinese Thought
  • Classical Chinese Language
  • Selected Chinese Poetry
  • The Chinese of Malaysia
  • Literary History of Modern and contemporary Chinese
  • Literary History of Malaysian Chinese
  • Selected Readings in Malaysian Chinese Literature
  • Thesis Writing
  • Industrial Training
  • Book of Songs
  • Analects of Confucius and Mencius
  • Historical Record
  • Selected Readings in Classical Novels (I) (Han, Wei, Six Dynasties and Tang Novels)
  • Selected Readings in Classical Novels (II) (Song, Yuan, Ming & Qing Dynasties Novels)
  • Selected Reading in Verse
  • Chinese Phonology
  • Critical Interpretation of Ancient Texts
  • Literary History of Modern and contemporary Chinese
  • The History of Chinese Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Chinese Cultures Outline
  • Creative in Chinese Arts & Culture
  • World Issues
  • Creative Writing
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Modern Chinese Language
  • Hong Kong & Taiwan Literature
  • World Literature
  • Translating in Practice
  • English

* Selected programme modules

Minimum Entry Requirement

  • STPM (CGPA2.0) with 2 Principal Passes and SPM with a Credit in Chinese
  • UEC with 5 Credits
  • Foundation in Chinese Communication, New Era University College
  • Other equivalent qualifications
  • *For detailed information on entry requirements, please contact Student Enrolment Department.

Career Prospects

  • Educator
  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Researcher
  • Fields which culture highlighted packaging and cultural innovation
  • Etc



Blok B&C, Lot 5, Seksyen 10, Jalan Bukit,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.




Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 12:00pm; 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

(Off on Sunday and public holidays)