The Chinese Schools of Malaysia: A Protean Saga

Author:Kua Kia Soong

Published by:MCEC

Date of Published:2008

Price:RM 20


This is the latest (fourth) edition of The Chinese Schools of Malaysia: A Protean Saga by Kua Kia Soong. First published in 1985, it is the first full-length book in English, on the development of the Chinese-medium schools in the Malaysia. It has since been in constant demand because of the interest in this unique community-run mother tongue education system. With more than 1,280 primary schools, 60 Independent secondary schools and three tertiary-level colleges, the Malaysian Chinese education system has few comparisons in the world.


Chapter 1:

BIRTE OF CHINESE EDUCATION-Early Chinese Schools, Modern Schools

Chapter 2:

THE STRUGGLE AGAINST COLONIAL CONTROL-Registration of School Ordinance 1920,
Amendment to School Registration Act 1925, The Depression 1929-32, Reimposition of Control 1935, Japanese occupation 1941-45

Chapter 3:

CITIZENSHIP AND CHINESE EDUCATION-Post-War Citizenship Proposals, Barnes and Fenn-Wu Reports 1951, Education Ordinance 1952

Chapter 4:

THE NATIONAL SCHOOL SCHEME- Jiao Zong’s Leading Role, Memorandum on Chinese
Education 1954, The White Paper 1954, Nanyang University

Chapter 5:

EDUCATION POLICY OF THE FEDERATION-Razak Report1956,Singapore Report on Chinese Education1956, Reid Commission, Education ordinance1957

Chapter 6:

CREATION OF THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS-Rahman Talib Report 1960, Education Act1961

Chapter 7:

POLITICS AND CHINESE EDUCATION-General Elections 1955-65, National Language Bill 1967, General Elections 1969, New Economic Policy (NEP)

Chapter 8:

CHINESE EDUCATION UNDER THE NEP-Education Amendment Act 1972, Memorandum to the Cabinet Review Committee 1975, Mahathir Report 1979

Chapter 9:

MERDEKA UNIVERSITY-Merdeka University Case, High Court Judgement, Merdeka University Appeal, Federal Court Judgment

Chapter 10:

THE CHINESE SCHOOLS IN THE EIGHTIES-Controversies in the early Eighties, The October 1987 Affair

Chapter 11:

CHINESE EDUCATION IN THE NINETIES-Problem Posed by the Education Act 1996, Reforming MICSS: Quality Education, Birth of New Era College


References Tables
Appendix i:   Excerpts from the joint Memorandum on National Culture by the Major Chinese Associations in
                       Malaysia, 1983
Appendix ii:  Memorandum on the Education Bill 1995
Appendix iii: Memorandum on the use of mother tongue as the medium of instruction in teaching science and
                       mathematics in Primary Schools, 2007
Appendix iv