Values of Malaysian Youth-Report of a Research Study in Selangor


Published by: MCES & UCSAAM

Date of Published:Jul 2006



“Values of Malaysian Chinese Youth-Report of a Research Study in Selangor” is the first study on Malaysian Chinese youth value. This study report provides us with the latest objective data on which to base our proposals and recommendations for the youth. This report serves as a reference and it also contains important points of policy relevance for Malaysian society as a whole. We hope the Government and the people will act on the many recommendations contained in this report.

Foreword: Broadening the Minds of the Youth, Creating a Better Tomorrow.
Keynote Address: Youth Are the Solution, Not the Problem
Chapter 1: Background of the Study
Chapter 2: Research Framework
Chapter 3: Focus Group Discussions & Key Information Interviews
Chapter 4: Youth Survey
Chapter 5: Recommendations

1. Survey Questionnaire
2. Symposium on Values of Malaysian Youth
Symposium Resolution