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Department of Drama & Visuals Academic Team

HO Shih Phin
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualification:
Diploma in Drama (Malaysian Institute of Art, Malaysia)
Major Directing
Research Areas Theatre Directing, Movie Directing
Teaching Subjects Introduction to Directing, Directing , Intermediate of Theatre Production, Introduction to Film and Video, History of theatre, Modern Drama
Working Experience

Film & video production: (1991- )

  • 【AKAR MEWAH production】corporate video director/ tv series production manager
  • 【WAYANG TINGGI produksi】corporate video director/editor
  • 【TKC production】MV director
  • 【TRIENTEL production】tv programme director/ MV director
  • 【MATAJA production】tv programme director
  • 【SENI2020 production】tv programme director
  • 【】web video director
  • 【JE ENTERTAIMENT】film director/script writer

Drama:(1991- )

  • Dramatic Art Society (Executive Secretary), 1991-1992

Teaching: (1993 - )

  • Malaysian Institute of Art (part time lecturer)
  • MSCI Art Collage MSC (part time lecturer)
  • Han Xin Journalism (part time lecturer)
  • Inhouse Multimedia College (part time lecturer)
  • Baruvi Academy of Communication Arts (part time lecturer)
Membership of Advisory Boards Committees/ Professional Bodies ASLI- Angkatan Seni Lakon Interaksi (Vice chairman 2016-2019)
Dramatic Art Society (Head of drama 1993-1995)
Confucian Private Secondary School Drama Society (Instructor) 1993
Ping Stage (Artistic Director );Ping Stage Magazine (Chief Editor) 2000-2005
Ji Cheng Drama Cultural Fund (Head of scholarship 2016-2018)
O Puppet Theatre (Art Director) 2008-
Related Achievements:
Dissertation/Thesis 【Diploma】“Chinse martial arts film research”, Unpublished diploma's graduation thesis, Malaysian Institute of Art, Drama Department (1991), Guiding Mentor: Wong Kok Nam.

[Theatre performance director]

  1. 《RASHOMON》 (1991), Panggong Bandaraya DBKL, KL; Dewan Sri Pinang,Penang
  2. 《AIDS》(1992), Dramatic Art Society, Auditorium MATIC, Little Theatre MIA, KL; Persatuan Lim See Chong Soo, Sg Petani, Kedah
  3. 《Naza the Child God》(1994),Auditorium DBKL
  4. 《Tao-ke》(1998, Co director),Auditorium MATIC, KL;
    (1999) Genting Highland International Hotel,Pahang
    Foon Yew High School, Johor Baru
  6. 《Han’s family》 (2003)Thean hou temple, KL
  7. 《STOP 2》(2004)Pesta drama,Auditorium MATIC, KL;
  8. 《Return of Amah》,(2005), Taman Budaya, KL
  9. 《STOP 1.5》,(2005)MCPA Theatre Hall, KL
  10. 《Black & White Impermanent Never Ending Ghost Story》,(2005)MCPA Theatre Hall, KL
  11. 《Foxy Fantasy》,(2006) Panggong Bandaraya DBKL, KL
  12. 《Mac beth》,(2007)Panggong Bandaraya DBKL, KL
  13. 《108 heroes wanted》,(2008)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  14. 《Battle of the Draconians》,(2009)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  15. 《3 children》,(2010-2019)13 state of Malaysia,
    Beijing, Nanning, Macau, Tanshui, Kaohsiung
  16. 《18 floor》,(2010) KLPAC,KL
  17. 《The Dead Walk》,(2011) NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  18. 《The God Mother》,(2012),The Actor’s Studio Lot 10, KL
  19. 《My Dragon Papa》,(2013)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor;
    PENANG PAC,Penang
  20. 《You》,(2013)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  21. 《Can’t Pay won’t pay》,(2014)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  22. 《Postmodern Eunuch Admiral》,(2015)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor;
  23. 《The story of Kajang’s PopoMama》,(2016)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  24. 《INTET》,(2017)Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
  25. 《Goodbye Mr.Detective》,(2018) DPAC,Selangor
  26. 《The Wizard of Oz》,(2018);China ASEAN Nanning Theatre Week, Nanning
    Black box theatre, NEUC Kajang, Selangor
    (2019)THE PLAY HAUS, KL

[Celebration Performance director]

  1. "Still at the best"【依然止于至善】,(2016)Sin Min Secondary School 60s year celebration,Sg Petani, Kedah.
  2. "A hundred years of vicissitudes of drama"【百年沧桑话剧运】,(2018), Rescued a hundred years of drama historical materials fundraising dinner, Thean Hou Temple, KL
  3. "Double ten years, Watershed"【双十年华,分水岭上】,NEUC 20TH Anniversary Gala Dinner,HGH Convention Centre,KL.

[Stage actor]

  1. “Wan Jin He Shang”《万金和尚》,(1990)PJ CIVIC HALL, Kedah, Penang, Johor Baru
  2. “Chun Hui Pu Zhao”《春晖普照》,(1993)Auditorium MATIC,KL
  3. “Monster”《怪兽》,(2000)Black Box The Actors Studio, KL,2000年。
  4. “Big Mission of Ayaya”《哎呀呀大任务》,(2007)The Actors Studio Bangsar, KL
Film & TV
  • “Fei Yue Qing Chun”《飞跃青春》Tv Series, Actor, 1991
  • “Yu Lin Guo Shi”《玉琳国师》Telemovie, Assisstant Director, Production Manager, 1992
  • 【Nilai Memorial Park】, 【MPMA】, 【Lam Seng Plastic】, 【Kajang Golf Club】corparate video, 1992-
  • “Pasar feng yun”《巴刹风云》Tv Series, Production Manager, 1993
  • “Dou Xi Shi Jia”《斗戏世家》Tv Series,Production Assisstant, 1994
  • 【小黑】, 【小妮妮】, 【彩虹群星】, 【M. SARIFF】, 【STING】, 【 阿牛陈庆祥】
    MV director, 1995-97
  • “PI BLUR”《乌龙档案》Tv Series, Screen writer, 1996
  • “VISTA”《新视线》Tv Magazine Programme, director, 1997-2002
  • “Golden opportunity”《黄金转机》 TV business programme, director, 2002
  • Star search Malaysia《才华横溢出新秀大马之星》, Outdoor director, drama director, 1999-2003
  • “My fantastic family”《我家大不同》Tv Series, director, 2004
  • “New year special”《动感新年》tv game show, director, 2004
  • “Dou-dou & chopstick family”《豆豆与筷子家族欢乐小拜年》children programme, director, 2003
  • “HOPE”《给生命一个希望》Telemovie, director, 2010
  • “Bullets over Petaling Street”《茨厂街女王》movie, co director, 2014
  • “Li ai bu yuan”《离爱不远》movie, actor, 2015
Script Writing
  • Radio drama ”Basketball player No 5”广播剧:《女篮5号》, 1990
  • Stage drama ”Wu Lim one family”《武林都是一家人》, 1999
  • Telemovie “The Road”《路在脚下》, 2000
  • Telemovie ”Huan xi ji xiang guo hao nian”《欢喜吉祥过好年》, 2015
  • Short film ”Treadmill”《跑步机》, 2015
  1. 【Film & Drama Workshop】Taiwan National Academy of Arts, 1991。
  2. 【ASIA MEETS ASIA】 Lighting operator 《AKU》, EKODA STORE HOUSE TOKYO JAPAN, 1998。
  3. Drama Art Lecture Hall - Discussion about the present of the Chinese Theatre in Malaysia
  4. 【Dramatic Art Forum—Discussion about the present Chinese Theatre in Malaysia】, Sin Chew Daily Hall, PJ,2005
  5. 【2nd Asia Theatre Education International Forum】, China Beijing, The Central Academy of Drama, 2007。
  6. 【Let the body talk – movement & text workshop】,instructor:Pradit Prasartthong(Thailand),KLPAC,2008
  7. 【1st Asian Youth Theatre Festival】, 《3 Children》, Macau Theatre Framers, 2010。
  8. 【19th Macau School Theatre Competition】,《3 Children》, Macau polytechnic, 2010。
  9. 【21st International Puppet Festival】, Puppet Ku Theatre Company《We’re special》,China Chengdu,2012
  10. 【The Secret Life of Objects】Object Theatre Workshop, TAMTAM Object Theatre (Netherland), PJ SS2 MALL, 2014。
  11. 【Not in a theatre】workshop, instructor:Nassim Soleimanpour (Iran), Five Art Centre KL, 2014。
  12. 【Ensemble theatre workshop】, instructor:David Glass(UK), DPAC, 2016。
  13. 【China-ASEAN Nanning theatre week】, 《3 children》, Nanning Women & Children Activity Centre, 2017
  14. 【10th Asia Theatre Education International Forum】 China, Beijing, The Central Academy of Drama, 2018
  15. 【RICCA-RICCA  International Children Art Festival】Okinawa, Japan, 2017
  16. 【Let’s be together Art Festival】, 《3 Children》, Taiwan Kaohsiung高雄艺起文化中心小剧场,2018
  17. 【Let’s be together Art Festival】, 《3 Children》, China Beijing Inside-out Theatre, 2010
  18. 【China-ASEAN Nanning theatre week】, 《Wizard of Oz》, Nanning Women & Children Activity Centre, 2018
  19. 【11th Asia Theatre Education International Forum】 China Beijing, The Central Academy of Drama, 2019
Published Papers/
Conference Papers/
Research Projects


  1. Film Review – Sin Chew Daily
  2. TV Review – Life Tv Magazine.
  3. Theatre Review – Ping Stage Magazine


Chinese translation of English Novel: “Yi Yuan” (《艺园》)by Shaun Yeow, publish in Nan Yang Siang Pau (1992)


  1. Chief editor [Ping Stage Season Magazine] 15 volume,2000-2003
  2. Three Children 100 memorial special issues, 2017


  1. "Text after performance"《诞生于演出后的文本》, [Beijing, China] ASIA THEATRE EDUCTION CENTRE 10TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM (2018).

[3rd HERITAGE AWARD - Performing Arts Outstanding Yound Artist ]
2003 by The Selangor and Federal Territory Hainan Association of Malaysia 

2005, Best Director/ Best Script Writer: 【Black & White Impermanent Never Ending Ghost Story】
2010, Best Director: 【108 Heroes Wanted】
2011, Best Director: 【Three Children】
2012, Best Director:【18 floor】
2015, Best Script Writer:【My Dragon Papa】
2019, Best Original Script: 【Goodbye Mr. Detective】

Talks and Publica Lectures
  1. Title: The Charm of Drama (1992 at 1st Youth Drama Camp, Sg. Lalang, Kedah)
  2. Title: Drama Skills (1993 at 93’ Drama Camp, Tsun Jin High School, KL)
  3. Title: Director’s work (1993 at 93’ Drama Camp, Tsun Jin High School, KL)
  4. Title: Director’s work (1994 at 2nd Youth Drama Camp, Tikam Batu, Kedah)
  5. Title: Talk about Montage – a battleship Potemkin (1995 at Movie Camp Cahaya Sin Chew, Melaka)
  6. Title: The Charm of Drama (2007, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
  7. Title: Script Creation (2011, Zoom Short Film Competition, Menara Time Square, KL)
  8. Title: Shot by shot story telling (2013, 8th Literature week Seminar, New Era University College)
  9. Title: Director’s work (2013, Dramatic Art Society, KL)
  10. Title: Improvisation workshop (2013, Dramatic Boundary Drama Camp, Penang)
  11. Title: Script Creation (2014, Director Award, Inhouse Multimedia College, KL)
  12. Title: Appreciation of educational films (2015, Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL)
  13. Title: Film directing (2015, Golden Wau Award , Mid Valley, KL)
  14. Title: Appreciation of educational films (2016, Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL)
  15. Title: The Charm of Drama (2016, New Era University College)
  16. Title: The Charm of Drama (2016, Pei Chun High School, Pontian Besar, Johor)
Lecturer cum Head of Department

Academic Qualification:
Master of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts
Bachelor of Arts, National Chengchi University, Taiwan


  • Documentary Production
  • Visual Editing and Design
  • Visual Literacy and Criticism
  • History of Cinema


She teaches and holds workshops on documentary making and worked as a video editor in Taiwan. She has been involved in numerous documentary productions (tv), visual design (theatre) and column writing after came back to Malaysia at 2010.