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The role of theatres and visuals in moulding a civic-minded society and in stimulating thoughts has become increasingly important around the world. In an era where technology and humanity should be moving side by side, our society is still stepping on the same ground. The art columns on newspapers are declining or disappearing; theatre audience are decreasing; people step into Starbucks but not into an art gallery, a theatre or movie theatre that is showing non-commercial films.

Noticing the phenomena, New Era College set up the Drama and Visuals Department in 2005, with the intention of developing local theatre and visuals (film and video), as well as fascilitating to mould a society of civil and humane.

After World War Ⅱ, Hua Qiao Secondary School (华侨中学) and Yu Hua Secondary School of Kajang established the Avant-Garde Theatre Company. Initiated by Zheng Tian Bao (郑天保) and the student committees of  both schools, the Avant-Garde Theatre Company placed drama as the priority, with the belief that they could save the country through drama. Almost 70 years later, the Drama and Visuals Department of New Era College is set up on the same hill. The establishment is definitely meaningful, in terms of historical facts and future visions.

1.To nurture talents for local theatre and local film and video production.
2.To utilizing elements in drama and visuals, to generate the community’s consciousness in appreciating art and humanity.

Rooted in native land, eyes for the world.

About Us-新纪元学院戏剧与影像系

有些梦想并非遥不可及,有些才华不应该被埋没。这里,是通往剧场与电影梦的一扇门。【Diploma in Drama and Visuals】备注:What you seek is seeking you这句话,出自13世纪的波斯诗人鲁米(Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī)。

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