The Faculty of Business and Information Technology has three departments: Business Studies, Finance and Accounting, and Computer Science and Information Technology.

Together the three departments offer 6 diploma courses and 5 degree courses. There is also a one-year Foundation in Business Studies from where students proceed to degree courses in New Era University College. These courses incorporate subjects that develop not only discipline-related knowledge but also personal skills that make our graduates highly sought after by employers. Experiential learning that shifts the focus from lecturers to students makes these courses exciting and meaningful to the learners.

The faculty aims to be a leading Business School in the country that produces leaders with a global mind and local hearts. The faculty is driven by core values such as strong commitment to its stakeholders, reaching out and serving the community, empowering its students and staff members as well as achieving sustainable growth while staying relevant.

New degree programmes are being introduced while many others are being prepared. These will include degrees at Masters and Ph.D levels. Some of these courses will be available in part-time mode. In the faculty, students will study internationally recognized and industry-related courses (or courses that are accredited by reputable professional bodies such as ACCA and CPA Australia) that will make them leaders in the corporate world. The courses will develop in students the competence, creativity and confidence that will give them a head-start in their business careers later on.

A strength of the faculty is its close links to various corporations and SMEs. The faculty draws upon these links to invite industry leaders to share their knowledge and experience with students. A number of them serve as industry advisers to the faculty. New Era students also spend a semester with these companies for their internship. Past experience shows that many students eventually gain employment in the companies they did their internship with. In all, the faculty’s partnership with the industry has greatly enriched the learning experience of its students.

Dean's Message

Prof. Lee Kam Hing

The Faculty of Business and Information Technology began as a department in 1998. In its early years the department offered diploma programmes and later partnered several overseas universities to provide franchised degree courses. Over a period until the franchised programmes ended in 2016, several hundred students graduated from New Era with the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Business Management and the Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Finance and Accounting. The graduates of these programmes are today holding senior positions in the corporate sector. A number went on to pursue post-graduate studies and are today lecturing or researching in local and overseas institutions of higher learning.

Then in early 2017, New Era was upgraded to university college status. This upgrading allows NEUC to offer its own degree programmes. The years of collaborating with overseas universities have well prepared staff members with the experience and the capability to develop and teach degree courses of international standard.

The Faculty presently offers different levels of programmes in business, finance and accounting, and computer science and information technology. These different levels make available two academic pathways from which students who have completed their SPM or equivalent qualifications could choose. One pathway begins with the Foundation Year from where students continue on to the First Year of a degree programme. The second pathway starts with the two-year diploma study and on completion students proceed to the second-year of a degree courses.

In a rapidly globalizing world, the Faculty of Business and IT offers professional programmes that respond to an industrial and corporate landscape that is continuously undergoing change. For its teaching to be updated, industry leaders are invited to serve as advisers to the various programmes. Other corporate figures regularly address staff and students on the changing demands in the business and IT world. There are also the various forums such as conferences and dialogue sessions where Faculty members and industry leaders meet. In turn, Faculty members have been called upon to give short training courses to companies as well as to take up research projects, all of which enable them to be in touch with industry.

Importantly too, the Faculty sets itself against the high international standard required in its teaching and research. Presently, NEUC graduates from the Foundation Year, the diploma, and the degrees are accepted by overseas universities for higher level and post-graduate programmes. We will continue to collaborate with overseas universities of high international standard through student and staff exchange.

The Faculty believes that its mission is to provide students of all background a chance to obtain higher education and that young men and women coming out of our Faculty will not only be professionally well-trained, critical and creative, but also inculcated with values that could bring about the betterment of society.


Prof. Lee Kam Hing


Asst Prof. William Lee Chyuan Chuan

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Department of
Business Studies
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Finance and Accounting
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Computer Science &
Information Technology

Dean's List 2018

Qualification of Dean’s List

Full time students of all Programme of Studies, who fulfil the conditions below shall be honoured in a Dean’s List and the students’ name shall be registered in the Dean’s List–

  1. obtain the result of Grade Point Average of 3.67 until 3.99 for a particular semester;
  2. the students do not repeat in any courses of studies for the evaluated semester;
  3. grades for the replacement examination or special examination are not taken into account for the purpose of this list;
  4. the students have not been subjected to disciplinary action; and
  5. the students who register less than 12 credit hours are not eligible to be listed in the Dean’s List.
Congratulations to the New Era students listed below who earned the Dean's List for outstanding academic achievement in the
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In Business Administration
No. Student Number Chinese Name English Name
1 1850628-BBA 许家宝 HUE JIA BAO
2 1720049-BBA 何莉莉 HO LI LI
3 1720055-BBA 何杰荣 HOH KIT WENG
Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Network Technology
No. Student Number Chinese Name English Name
1 1830291-BNT 李振豪 LEE ZHEN HAO
2 1830292-BNT 李圣欢 LEE SHENG HUAN
3 1850537-BNT 吕正泉 LOH ZHENG QUAN
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In Business Administration
No. Student Number Chinese Name English Name
1 1850628-BBA 许家宝 HUE JIA BAO
2 1720049-BBA 何莉莉 HO LI LI
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Finance and Accounting
No. Student Number Chinese Name English Name
1 1730115-BFA 李兴权 LEE HENG CHUAN
Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Software Engineering
No. Student Number Chinese Name English Name
1 1850206-BSE 李佳穅 LEE JIA KHANG


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