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Award: PhD in Chinese Studies (N/224/8/0099) (MQA/PA 937)
Duration 3-4 years
Intakes September
Tuition Fee RM 18,000  (To view complete fee structure, please click HERE)
Remark: This fee structure is applicable to Malaysian students only. Fee structure for international students please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.


The PhD in Chinese Studies provides for the completion of a research thesis in a wide range of related topics in traditional Sinology and Han culture, as well as in Southeast Asian Chinese Studies, Malaysian Chinese Literature and Culture Studies. It aims to cultivate the ability of postgraduate students to analyse and solve specific problems through the mastering of the relevant research methods in the humanities and social sciences and will result in the cultivation of a specialist with solid, systematic, cutting-edge professional knowledge as well as a broad cultural vision and humanistic solicitude for society. Graduates can be engaged in creative academic research and professional teaching, and be qualified to work in institutions of higher learning, research institutions, the publishing field, and cultural organisations.

Basic Structure

The duration of full-time study is 3 to 4 years. Students are required to attend all prescribed courses, including the Methodology in Chinese Studies and Directed Readings in Chinese Studies, and pass the Thesis Proposal Defence. PhD candidates are required to have one academic publication before the degree can be awarded.

The award of a PhD requires the submission of a thesis for examination at a viva voce (oral examination) by three examiners, at least two of whom are external to NEUC. The PhD thesis must be an original and substantial piece of work which makes a contribution to the relevant literature.

Who Should Join the Programme

This programme is intended for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of and research in Chinese classical studies, contemporary Chinese literature, Malaysian Chinese literature, Chinese language and dialects, contemporary China studies, and the social and cultural studies of Chinese communities.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme may choose to become:

  1. Professionals who are competent researchers or practitioners in Chinese Studies.
  2. Academic staff in universities, research institutes, publishing companies, cultural and literary organisations.
  3. Teachers and administrators in primary and secondary schools.
  4. Managerial staff in business and other organisations.


Name Field of Research
Dr. Mok Soon Chong
莫顺宗 博士
Education and Culture of the Chinese in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Malaysian Chinese NGOs, Intellectual History of Modern China, History and Culture of the Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Dr.  Voon Phin Keong
文平强 博士
The Chinese in local, regional and socioeconomic perspectives
Dr. Lee Kam Hing
李锦兴 博士
Economic History, Political History, Chinese Overseas Business
Associate Professor
Dr. Ng Yean Leng
伍燕翎 博士
Classical Chinese Novels, Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature, Malaysian Chinese Literature, Chinese Overseas literature
Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong Wai Shee
黃薇诗 博士
Politics and Sociology of Contemporary China, Politics and Sociology of Malaysian Chinese, Social Movement
Dr. Onn Huann Jan
安焕然 博士
Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Overseas, History of Sino-foreign communication
Associate Professor
Dr. Lew Bon Hoi
廖文辉 博士
Chinese History and Culture, Southeast Asia Studies, Chinese Overseas, History of Sino-foreign communication
中国历史与文化 、东南亚史、华人研究、中外关系史
Associate Professor
Dr. Tey Shi Bin
郑诗傧 博士
Bibliographical Catalogue, Historical Record, Creative Cultures, Chinese Society and Culture, Chinese Overseas
Assistant Professor
Dr. Pek Wee Chuen
白伟权 博士
Malaysia Regional Studies, Chinese Overseas, Geographic Information System, Historical Geography
Assistant Professor
Dr. Lim Su Hui
林素卉 博士
Historical Chinese Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Historical linguistics, Phonetics, Chinese Paleography
Assistant Professor Dr. Nie Qingfeng
聂清风 博士
Chinese History and Culture
Dr. Wong Siew Jye
王修捷 博士
Malaysian Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature, Local Music and Art
Assistant Professor
Dr. Joe Liaw Siau Chi
廖朝骥 博士
Malaysia Chinese & Party Politics, Chinese & Nation Building
Associate Professor
Dr. Wang Ruixin
王睿欣 博士
Linguistics, Chinese Education, Teaching Chinese as second language, Chinese Overseas


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