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Job Title: Fast Moving Customer Goods Manager
Job Description: 1. Product Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of FMCG products, from ideation and development to launch and ongoing support. This includes conducting market research, identifying consumer needs and trends, and working closely with product development teams to ensure products meet quality standards and consumer demands. 2. Supply Chain Management: Oversee the supply chain process, including sourcing raw materials, production planning, inventory management, and distribution logistics. Ensure efficient and cost-effective procurement, production, and delivery of goods to meet customer demand and maximize profitability. 3. Sales and Marketing: Develop and implement sales and marketing strategies to promote FMCG products and drive revenue growth. This involves identifying target markets, developing pricing strategies, creating advertising and promotional campaigns, and monitoring sales performance. FMCG managers often collaborate with marketing teams, sales representatives, and retail partners to maximize product visibility and sales opportunities. 4. Market Analysis and Forecasting: Conduct market analysis and research to identify emerging trends, competitive landscape, and consumer preferences. Use this information to forecast demand, plan production schedules, and adjust marketing strategies accordingly to capitalize on market opportunities and minimize risks. 5. Customer Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with key customers, distributors, retailers, and other stakeholders. Address customer inquiries, resolve complaints, and gather feedback to continuously improve products and services and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, an FMCG manager plays a critical role in driving the success and growth of FMCG brands by effectively managing various operational functions, optimizing processes, and staying abreast of industry trends and market dynamics.
Job Specialization:
  • Sales/Marketing
Qualification:1) Education: A bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, supply chain management, or a related field is often required. Some employers may prefer candidates with a master's degree (MBA) for senior management positions. 2) Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and managerial skills are essential for effectively leading teams and driving results in a fast-paced FMCG environment. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to motivate and inspire team members, delegate tasks, and make sound decisions under pressure. 3) Strategic Thinking: FMCG managers must possess strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to develop and implement effective business strategies, identify growth opportunities, and address challenges in the competitive FMCG market. 4) Analytical Skills: Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation is important for conducting market research, analyzing consumer trends, forecasting demand, and making data-driven decisions to optimize FMCG operations and drive business growth. 5) Commercial Acumen: A strong understanding of business principles, financial concepts, and commercial dynamics is crucial for FMCG managers to effectively manage budgets, maximize profitability, and make strategic business decisions that align with organizational objectives. Overall, a combination of education, leadership abilities, analytical skills, and commercial acumen is typically sought after in candidates for FMCG manager positions. Continuous learning and professional development are also important for staying updated on industry trends and best practices in FMCG management.
Working Area:Bandar Technology Kajang
Working Days: 5 days per week
Working Hours: 8 hours per day
Company Information
Name: My Myracle Sdn Bhd
Introduction: My Myracle Sdn Bhd is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in Biotechnology of Food Supplements. We are committed to excellence and are passionate about utilizing the latest technologies to enhance our operations and engage with our audience
Contact No: 03-87239588
Fax No: My Myracle Sdn Bhd
Address: LOT 4089, JALAN P4/8, SEK.4,
Contact Person
Name: Wenda Sim
Contact No: 0165532655
Position: Manager

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