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Job Title: Graphic Design
Job Description: 1.Control of light interaction, accurate lifelike composed subjects in a photographic background, CGI based environments, or in some cases a combination of both 2. Understanding of level of reflectivity/environmental influence on objects living within a scene. 3. Ability to compose the vehicle with a dome, background, and foreground in a lifelike manner so that the camera’s match, environments match, and perspective is accurate across all of the elements an awareness of what may be distracting to a viewer vs what shows the product in the best light. 4. Reflections need to be realistic, not distracting, and suitable for marketing use 5. Extraneous or distracting material reflections are removed without compromising the lifelike attributes of the image. 6. Experience using extensive post effects to turn shots into high-quality visuals. 7. Experience developing high-quality grading and finishing techniques. 8. Experience developing and integrating particle/visual effects. 9. Understanding of 3D concepts and workflows to communicate with our 3D artists. 10. Must have proficient knowledge of compositing multi-pass images.
Job Specialization:
  • Art/Media/Communications
  • Computer/Information Technology
Qualification:Diploma or degree
Working Area:Kajang
Working Days: 5 days per week
Working Hours: 8 hours per day
Company Information
Name: Juda Universe Sdn Bhd
Introduction: Juda is at the forefront of the digital revolution, creating immersive and interactive virtual spaces that redefine the boundaries of technology. As a trailblazer in the field, we empower brands and individuals around the globe to elevate their digital presence and redefine their operations in the virtual world. Our mission is centered on transforming traditional business operations and opening a gateway to a plethora of opportunities through our innovative Unified Virtual Ecosystem (UVE).
Contact No: 03-8741 8260
Fax No:
Address: 3A-20, MKH Boulevard, Jalan Changkat, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Contact Person
Name: Soo Mei Chen
Contact No: 0126861089
Position: Personal Assistant

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