About Us

New Era University College Library is located on the ground floor of Block B. It occupies a total floor area of about 30,000 square feet spreading over three levels. Level One comprises the service counter, reference section, Chinese/English/Bahasa Malaysia books section and magazines section. Level Two consists of Resource Centre for Nanyang University, Fang Xiu Collection Section, Lee Yip Lim Collection Section, Yong Ching Fatt Collection Section, reading section, computer area and discussion room. Level Three houses the leisure reading section, Lee Kim Chong Collection Section, Chinese books section and the library office. The library has about 380 seats for reading, library also provide wireless internet service. The operation of the library is fully computerized. Through the OPAC system, students can check on book information, renew their borrowed books and place their bookings for specific books.

Restricted to PPN Phase 2, please take note on the following rules:
1. Only available on specific date and time
2. Please attend personally at the school gate as all student and staff will not be permitted to enter school compound
3. Those unable to cross state, please do not make reservation at the moment, as Library cannot provide any travel permission letter
4. Reservation will adjust according to latest SOP announced by government, the Library will contact with you to make best arrangements

Please click the link below to make online book reservation:

Book return and any enquiries, please email to: library@newera.edu.my