Library Regulations

  1. General Provisions

    1. Staff and students may use their staff ID cards and student ID cards to borrow books from the library. The ID cards are not transferable.
    2. Expensive books, reference books, current issues of magazines, and newspapers are only for reading in the library and are not for lending.
    3. The library reserves the right to bar entry any person who has breached library regulations.
  2. Regulations on Reading

    1. Books in the library are placed on open shelves and library users may have free access to these books. After reading, books will be sorted out and returned to the shelves by the library staff.
    2. Library users must take good care of the books, magazines, newspapers, and other facilities in the library and should not smear or damage them or bring them out of the library. Offenders will be severely penalized.
    3. All library users must dress appropriately. Individuals wearing slippers, shorts and singlets are not permitted to enter the library.
    4. Library users must observe silence and maintain the cleanliness of the library. No food and drink (except plain water) are allowed.
    5. Strictly prohibited to bring bags of any kind or sizes into the Library.
  3. Regulations on Borrowing of Books

    1. The library adopts the open shelf system and library users may borrow the books by presenting their ID cards.
    2. Staff and students may borrow books subject to the maximum number and duration as follows:
      1. Full-time lecturers: up to 30 books for 2 months.
      2. Part-time lecturers: up to 30 books for 1 semester.
      3. Staff: up to 10 books for one month.
      4. Students: up to 20 books for one month.
      5. Postgraduate student: up to 30 books for 45 days.
      6. Members of the public: up to 4 books for 1 month.
    3. Books borrowed from the library must not be defaced or damaged in any way.
  4. Renewal

    1. All books may be renewed once before the due date.
    2. Books may be presented at the library service counter for renewal, or, library users may use the online renewal service to renew their borrowed items.
  5. Overdue Books

    1. Library users who have borrowed the maximum number of books or have overdue books are not allowed to further borrow any other books.
    2. A fine of RM0.20 per day per book will be imposed on overdue books. If a book is overdue for more than 30 days, in addition to the fine computed daily, it is deemed as lost and must be compensated in accordance with Regulation 6.2 below.
  6. Compensation

    1. Books borrowed should not be lost, scribbled with marks or notes, or have the pages folded or damaged in any way. If the books are lost or damaged, the borrower will be responsible to pay compensation for them.
    2. Compensation shall be paid as follows:
      1. If the lost book can be purchased, the borrower shall purchase the replacement and pay an administrative fee of RM5.00.
      2. If the lost book is out of print and cannot be purchased domestically, the borrower shall:
        (a) pay RM150 if the book value is below RM50.00.
        (b) pay three times the value of the book if the book value is above RM50.00.
    3. Compensation shall be paid within one month. The compensation amount received will be credited to the library fund for purchasing new books.
  7. Recalling Books

    1. In the event of stocktaking, re-coding or book binding, the library may recall lent books and announce a temporary freeze on book lending.
    2. In case a lent book is needed for official purposes, the library reserves the right to recall the book at any time.
  8. Visitors to the Library

    1. Visitors who have genuine need for reference and research may enter the library when it is open.
    2. Visitors wishing to enter the library shall submit their identity cards to the library service counter and fill in their personal details. Those without their identity cards shall be barred from entering the library.
    3. For group visits, prior arrangements should be made with the library and an official letter from the organization or school concerned shall be presented before entering the library.
    4. Visitors entering the library shall observe all library regulations and the library reserves the right to bar entry anyone who violates the regulations.

  9. These regulations and any subsequent amendments shall be approved by the University College Management Committee Meeting before they are announced for implementation.