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Academic Advisers

The NEUC Academic Consultative Committee includes the following eminent academics who have kindly consented to serve as our honorary advisers on academic development and planning:

1 Dr. Liang Si Li Science Institute of the P.R of China
2 Prof. Tan Jia Jian Social Science Research Institute, Beijing China
3 Prof. Liao Ke Bin Peking University, China
4 Prof. Xu Dai Zhe Jiang University, China
5 Prof. Ho Chi Peng National Taiwan University, Taiwan
6 Prof. Chen Chin Yen National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
7 Prof. Chung Ming De Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
8 Prof. Lee Chun Fang National Taiwan Normal University
9 Prof. Tsui Cheng Tsong Tamkang University, Taiwan
10 Prof. Shih Chun Hsieh Shu-Te University, Taiwan
11 Prof. See Ching Mey Science University, Malaysia
12 Associate Prof. Louis L. Downs California State University of Sacramento
13 Prof. Paul Gough University of the West of England
14 Dr. Juliana Abdul Wahab Science University, Malaysia
15 Doris Lim Swee Lian Institute of Public Relations Malaysia
16 Associate Prof. Dr. Kamarudzaman Md. Isa MARA University of Technology, Malaysia
17 Mr. Ezwan Mohd Mokhtar MARA University of Technology, Malaysia
18 Dr. Wong Oi Min National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy
19 Dr. Fan Pik Wah University of Malaya, Malaysia
20 Prof. Tsai Ya Hsai National Taiwan Normal University
21 Associate Prof. Chin Jui Chih Taipei Municipal University of Education
22 Prof. Chang Kuo En National Taiwan Normal University
23 Dr. Chua Yee Yen Executive Director, Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng
24 Associate Prof. Azlina Ahmad University of Malaya, Malaysia
25 Associate Prof. Dr. Mariani Binti Md Nor University of Malaya, Malaysia
26 Dr. Wong Seet Leng University of Malaya, Malaysia
27 Mr. Ng Nyen Fah Consultant

Updated on 3-8-12