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Application of Accommodation for Year 2019

Ref No.: N18/SA/H/N013
Date:      2 October 2018

Application of Accommodation for Year 2019

To: All Hostelites

  1. The application of accommodation is open to all students who wish to stay in the Student Hostel for year 2019. For those students who are supposed to graduate by end of this year (2018), but need to repeat some subject(s) in next year, or starting a new semester in March and May, you are advised to submit your application letter one month before the new semester. However, the approval for the extended stay depends on the availability of the hostel rooms.
  2. Please do carefully consider your accommodation needs and financial situation. Should a successful applicant withdraw for any reason, the Committee will not give priority consideration for the future’s application.
  3. Options on accommodation periods for 2019 applicants are as follows:

    *1 Jan to 31 Dec 2019
    *1 Jan to 30 Aug 2019
    (For students who are graduating in September)
    *1 Jan to 30 April 2019
    (For certificate and foundation students and for graduating  vocational students)
    *1 Jan to 31 Mac 2019
    (For certificate and foundation students only)

  4. Payment:
    Student Payment Date
    Accommodation Period
    (per unit)
    Academic and Vocational Students Nov 2018 Jan-Mar 2019 3 Pay upon approval
    Nov 2018 Jan-April 2019 4
    Nov 2018 Jan-May 2019 5
    May 2019 Jun-Aug 2019 3 Pay by semester basis
    May 2019 Jun-Sep 2019 4
    Sep 2019 Oct-Dec 2019 3

  5. The application is open from 15 to 20 October 2018.  Applicants are advised to complete all application procedures during Office Hours. All application forms and related certificates must be submitted before 20 October (Saturday) at 12.30pm. For applicants who wish to extend their stay in the Student Hostel, please complete and submit your application online @ “Application for Extension of Accommodation System”. After doing so, applicants are advised to print out the application form that submitted online. Then, submit the form with 1 passport-sized photo to the Hostel Warden Office.
  6. Please remember to write your Chinese and English name, Student ID No. and course of study at the back of the photo. Failure to do so, it will result in cancellation of the hostel room reservation without any further notice.
  7. All applications will be considered by the Committee that based on the criteria outlined in the “Application to Renew the Accommodation for Year 2019”. You may check and read the said requirements on the website of Student Affairs Department.
  8. Successful applicants for accommodation from the period of January to March / January to April / January to May 2019 are required to pay full accommodation fee to the Finance Department from 12 to 17 November 2018 to secure their places in the hostel. Failure to do so, it will result in cancellation of the hostel room reservation without any further notice.
  9. For students whose bed reservations have been cancelled due to failure to pay the full hostel fee before deadline are advised to re-apply again, if you still wish to stay in the hostel.
  10. The room/bed will be assigned by the hostel warden. No student is allowed to exchange his/her room without the prior written permission from the hostel warden. The Committee reserves the right on the allocation room/bed.
  11. List of successful applicants will be published on 26 October 2018.
  12. The Committee is not responsible for any incomplete applications that may affect the eligibility of accommodation application.
  13. All hostelites must comply with the rules and regulations of the Student Hostel. Hostelites who have committed serious offences will be ordered to move out, the hostel fee paid and deposit will not be refunded. For details, please refer to the “Student Hostel Management Rules and Regulations”.
  14. Should you have any enquiries pertaining to the application for extended stay in the Student Hostel, kindly contact the Hostel Warden Office or visit the website of the Student Affairs Department.

Thank You.

Student Hostel Management Committee