Counselling Centre offer free counselling services to all students and NEUC staff, especially in promoting emotional and psychological support to those who are in need. Our services consist of individual counselling, group counselling, psychological assessment, peer support programme, crisis interventions, etc. Our team is build up by a group of professional licensed and well-trained counsellors.

Service Hours
8.30am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)

Our Purpose

The Counselling Centre is committed to provide comprehensive counselling services including the developmental, preventive, and remedial functions for all NEUC students.

  • Developmental aspect: To encourage clients in gaining self-understanding, developing self-potential, and promoting resiliency.
  • Preventative aspect: To help clients in managing psychological distresses.
  • Remedial aspect: To provide psycho-education and support network to clients in their recovering process.

Our Target

  • To enhance psychological well-being among NEUC students and staff.
  • To strengthen NEUC students and staff’s adaptability skills and to assist them in reaching their full potential.
  • To facilitate NEUC students and staff in becoming a holistic wellness person.