About Us

About Us

Ng Cheang Kiang
Designation: Head of Counselling Centre Cum Counsellor
(Area of Expertise: Counselling Psychology)
Academic Qualification: • Master of Counselling and Clinical Psychology,
   National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

• Bachelor of Science of Psychology, Asia University, Taiwan
Professional Qualification: Registered and Licensed Counsellor, Board of Counsellors (Malaysia)
Extension: 6212
Email: cheangkiang.ng@newera.edu.my


Ho Jun Jun
Designation: Counsellor
Academic Qualification: • Master of Counselling, University of Malaya (UM)
• Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology,
   Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
Professional Qualification: Registered and Licensed Counsellor, Board of Counsellors (Malaysia)
Extension: 6211
Email: junjun.ho@newera.edu.my


Ng Jia Ying
Designation: Counsellor
Academic Qualification:

• Master of Guidance and Counselling, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
• Bachelor of Psychology (Counselling Psychology), Universiti of Sabah (UMS)

Professional Qualification: Registered and Licensed Counsellor, Board of Counsellors (Malaysia)
Extension: 6211
Email: jiaying.ng@newera.edu.my


Lee Sheng Kwong
Designation: Clinical Psychologist
Academic Qualification: • Master of Psychology (Clinical), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) /
   Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)
• Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), HELP University
Professional Qualification: • Registered Clinical Psychologist, Ministry of Health Malaysia Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council
• Member of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP)
Extension: 6211
Email: shengkwong.lee@newera.edu.my


Chang Choon Tian
Designation: Intern
Academic Qualification: • Pursuing Master of Counselling,
   International Medical University (Malaysia)
• Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science,
   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U.S.A)


Individual Counselling Room

A comfortable and safe place for individual counseling and psychometric testing.

  • Individual Counselling Room 1
  • Individual Counselling Room 2

Group Counselling Room / Classroom

Wide barrier-free space for teachers and students to carry out group activities.

Waiting Area

A place for students to wait for tutoring.


The place to be greeted when entering through the door.


Individual Counselling

When you are in need, we will have counsellors here to listen to your voice, help you clarify the doubts in your heart, and find the strength to solve the difficulties in your life. We also help students plan their future career direction, how they perceive themselves in interpersonal relationships, explore emotions, and get closer to their inner world.

In the counselling room, you are free to talk about any topic, and the content of the meeting will be kept in an extremely confidential manner, except for the following exceptions: when there is a situation that endangers the life of yourself or others (for example: suicide or self-injury behavior etc.); when they are mentally unstable and unable to make appropriate decisions for themselves; when involved in illegal activities and other matters required by law. As long as you are willing, we are very happy to accompany you through the turning points and low tides in life, and move towards more growth and possibilities.

Group Counselling

In a group, we will get to know each other and grow together. A group is like a small world in real life,where everyone comes here with their own unique side, communicates, cares, gives feedback, and shares experiences with each other, so that you can have a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and learn from each other by growing in a supportive environment.

One group counselling usually consists of 6-10 people and lasts 6 weeks. Keep an eye out for event information on our webpage, where you can find our most recent group activities. If you have a topic you want to discuss with a group of partners, you are welcome to go to the Counselling Center to discuss with the counsellor, and we will love to open an exclusive group for you!

Career Guidance and Counselling

In the journey of life, we are occasionally confused and uncertain of our future direction. In counselling, we will help you to understand yourself and the environment through psychological tests and interviews. By providing information, it helps you face the choice of choosing your course, further education and employment, and plan your career.

Psychological Assessment

The Counselling Center offers various types of tests on career interest, personality, stress, and more. The psychological tests we provide are not the same as ordinary interesting psychological tests. They are produced after testing and research by psychologists. These can be used as reference when making a decision.

Counselling Awareness Programme

The Counseling Center will hold lectures, seminars, book clubs, movie appreciation, camps and seminars about counselling. Pay attention to our event information, you will find many interesting activities waiting for you to explore.


The Counseling Center will organize workshops on different themes, including grief counseling, life planning, expressive arts therapy, emotional management, interpersonal communication, etc.


For NEUC students and staff, you are welcome to visit us at Block C, 2nd Floor for making counselling service appointment.

For NEUC students and staff, you may also make an appointment via online counselling form.
Counselling Application Form

For community, please make the appointment by email or phone.

Email: counselling@newera.edu.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neuccs
Tel: 03-8740 6392 / 03-8210 3709


Service Hours
8.30am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)