Ever since January 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has become a threat to global public health. Anti-epidemic prevention measures have become the new normal in which people adapt to daily routines, be it at home, work or study. While information dissemination and gatekeeping are prominent to the news production, the media should have played a more crucial role at this critical moment. However, the traditional media in Malaysia have been greatly impacted when the pandemic struck. It has also undergone rapid changes due to digital convergence. These include restructuring exercise, employment downsizing, pay cut, closure, etc.

At the same time, the influence of mass media is declining. Traditional media are switching to internet platforms, or accumulating social media click-through rate for popularity, others are joining in the digital market competition with mushrooming growth of self-media.

In an era of “Everyone is a communicator”, how do traditional media, internet media and self-media strike a balance between commercial market and high-quality content? How do you build a healthy media environment? How to reciprocate with the political transformation and expectation of civil society? Those are essential questions to be answered before a traditional media goes with the flow.

In conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Media Studies, New Era University College, the department is inviting communication scholars and media representatives of various fields, from local to Taiwan, for dialogues and exchange of views. It is hoped that such interaction could help in the promotion of diversity of practice in the local media development, democratic reform and social progress.

Forum Agenda

0900-0920 Log in Online Forum
0920-0930 Welcome address by Forum Coordinator, Ms Yong Kiat
0930-0940 Opening ceremony speech
   ●  Address by Dr. Mok Soon Chong, Vice-Chancellor of New Era University College
0940-0955 Opening ceremony speech
   ●  Address by YB Tuan Hee Loy Sian, Member of Selangor State Legislative Assembly (Kajang)
0955-1000 Group Photo Session
Session 1
Title: Trend and Challenges of Media in the Digital Convergence
Media transformation is not a new issue. Digital convergence or Omnimedia have evolved to be mainstream media nowadays. In the process of digital transformation, how do the traditional Chinese media face old and new structural constraints? And how to respond to the tremendous change in media ecology?
Moderator Dr. Wong Chiew Kung (Senior Lecturer, Department of Media Studies, New Era University College)
Speakers Ding Lee Leong (Editor in Chief cum Senior General Manager, Oriental Daily News)
Chen Yoke Lim (Deputy Executive Editor-in-chief, Sin Chew Daily)
PM Wang (Chinese radio DJ)
Desmond Tey (Executive Producer, 8TV)
1125-1145 Reviewer: Jang Li (Senior Deputy General Manager, United Daily News Group, Taiwan)
1145-1200 Q&A session
1200-1300 Lunch & Break
Session 2
Title: The Breakthrough and Practice of “New” Media
In an era where “Content is King” is the emphasis, the “Attention Economy” has become rules of survival for media. Besides finding a distinctive market position and clear target audience, how do media operators spark innovative ideas and practice for development?
Moderator Lim Hong Siang (Executive Director, SAUDARA)
Speakers Tan Boon Koi (Founder, The Interview Media)
Lum Chih Feng (Content Manager, CITYPlus FM)
Lee Weng Keat (Editor, Chinese Desk, Malaysiakini)
Lai Cheah Yee (Head of Content Partnership & Marketing, unifi TV)
1425-1445 Reviewer: Professor Kuang Chung-Shiang
(Professor, Department of Communication & Graduate Institute of Telecommunications, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
1445-1500 Q&A session
1500-1530 Tea-break
Session 3
Title:  Self-Media: Is it Destroying or Building Us Up?
The start-up and operation of a “Self-Media” account is obviously not a big deal. The local booming self-media industry, however, has been producing content which varies considerably in quality. In view of an online hub which is full of overloaded and fragmented information, as well as misinformation and false news, how do self-media operators “tell the truth” and continue to rise and thrive?
Moderator Goh Kee Tong (Co-Founder & Managing Director of
Speakers Tan Chia Rong (News Anchor, 8TV)
DJ Yin (Founder, Hi!Lighter Studio)
Lee Jian Hong (Founder, 《认真的建鸿》SeriousJianHong)
1630-1645 Reviewer: Associate Professor Chen, Shun-Hsiao
(Associate Professor and Dean, Department of Journalism & Communication Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan)
1645-1715 Q&A session
1730 The End

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