New Era University College enters into a new phase of development as it introduces new academic programmes to meet the demands and expectations of students. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is made up of the Departments of Chinese Language and Literature, Education, Guidance & Counselling Psychology, and English. It is making available a series of courses ranging from the Foundation and Diploma courses to the Bachelor degree right up to the Masters and Doctorates.

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is a key department with the mandate to continue and build up a prestigious centre for the study of the Chinese classics, language and literature, Chinese culture as well as the study of the Chinese community in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. These programmes cover a wide range of courses to provide a solid grounding in theoretical and practical training in Chinese language and literature in the classical and contemporary contexts to produce graduates who shall be capable and competent to serve the needs of all levels of education, mass media, literary work, and industry at large. The Department is fast evolving into an institution offering one of the best and complete undergraduate programmes in Chinese Studies in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

In the area of educational studies, the Department of Education has established a niche for itself in higher education in Malaysia. The Department offers diploma and Bachelor degree programmes in Early Childhood Education and the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language to service the expanding market in International Schools, Chinese language educational institutions, early childhood education centres among others. The Department is also a major provider of teacher training to those intending to serve Chinese high schools, colleges and the universities.

The Department of Guidance & Counselling offers an Executive Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and the Bachelor degree in Counselling & Psychology. The degree course runs for four years, of which the final year is devoted to internship and practical training. The Department also conducts external MA courses with Changhua and Shu De universities of Taiwan in Guidance & Counselling and in Human Sexuality respectively.

The Faculty runs a “Foundation in Chinese” programme to prepare students for direct entry into the Bachelor programmes in all the Departments. These Bachelor programmes were launched in 2017 and the first batch of graduates will attend their convocation as early as 2019. At the same time, post-graduate programmes for the MA and PhD in Chinese Studies will be launched in 2018, with similar programmes in Education as well as Guidance & Psychology to follow shortly. All instructions are planned and structured meticulously according to the requirements of the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA). The teaching and research activities of the Faculty are generously supported by one of the richest library resources among private institutions of higher learning in the country.

The Faculty members are a team of dynamic and highly qualified scholars with Masters and Doctorates from local and overseas universities including Universiti Malaya and Universiti Putra Malaysia in Malaysia; Central China Normal, Peking, Xiamen in China; National Taiwan and Changhua in Taiwan; Edith Cowan in Australia; Wellington Victoria in New Zealand; and Missouri in the United States. Several staff in Guidance & Counselling are certified professional practitioners in Counselling.

All students will receive the guidance and counsel of Faculty members who will become their friends and mentors. The Faculty also arranges a rich array of academic and cultural events on an annual basis to broaden the perspectives of its students. Major events include the Chinese literary week, lectures by invited speakers, seminars and international conferences, visits and excursions to selected cultural sites and places of interest.

We welcome students from Malaysia and overseas to seize the opportunities for scholarships, subsidies as well as PTPTN and other loans to complete their higher studies in New Era University College. Non-Chinese students are similarly eligible for scholarships or other forms of financial assistance. 


To be a centre of excellence in teaching, learning, and research


To produce trained manpower and nurture outstanding graduates to serve the needs of the community









  1. 在评估学期内成绩点数(GPA)达3.67至3.99之间;
  2. 在评估学期内,没有重修科目;
  3. 重修或重考成绩不被列入评估范围;
  4. 未受过纪律处分;
  5. 每学期的注册学分至少须达12个学分或以上。
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1730057 李沚暄 LEE ZHI XUAN
2 1750452 林恩彤 LIM ERN THONG
3 1750484 许愫庭 KHOR SU TING
4 1850007 黄诗茵 WONG ZHI YIN
5 1850621 陈慧欣 CHENG HUI XIN
6 1850626 梁馨元 LEONG XIN YUAN
7 1920096 莫尔 MOK EARL
8 1950014 姚凯雄 YEW KAI XIONG
9 1950190 廖珂盈 LIAW KEI WING
10 1950619 林欣慈 LAM YAN CI
11 1950622 马俊泓 MAH JUN HOONG
12 1950623 张淑钧 ADELINE CHONG MAN JUN
13 1950625 范明诗 FAN MING SHE
14 1950653 叶荣添 YIP WENG THIM
15 1950654 丘芷绮 HIEW ZHI QIE
16 1720034 辜燕锫 GOH YAN PEI
17 1730182 陈芳芳 TING HOUNG HUONG
18 1820076 刘镁仪 LOW MEI YEE
19 1830101 钟桧沁 CHENG HOOI XING
20 1830266 林洁莹 LIM JIE YING
21 1850196 王玮麟 WONG WEI LIN
22 1850253 宋莹莹 SOONG YING YING
23 1850316 陈晓慧 TAN XIAO HUI
24 1950385 吴莉温 GOH LEE VIAN
25 1950679 郑淑铃 TEH SHU LING
26 1730069 邓琳 TAN LIN
27 1730178 黄静盈 WONG JING YING
28 1730273 郑晓雯 TEH SIAW MAAN
29 1730296 郭乙霓 KOK ANN NIE
30 1920097 许雪薇 KHOR SUET WEI
31 1720033 林秀静 LIM SHIOW JING
32 1720041 吴思颖 GOH SI YING
33 1720062 萧依雯 SIW YI WEN
34 1750434 卢修妍 LOO SIEW YEN
35 1750465 陈慧仪 TAN HUI YEE
37 1820061 李佩雯 LEE PEI WEN
38 1820073 黄巧卉 NG KAH HUI
39 1910150 林欣铭 LIM SIN MING
40 1920004 李智勋 LEE ZHE SIN
41 1920021 刘绮婷 LOW YEE TING
42 1920029 陈荟茗 CHIN MUN
43 1920073 刘姝伶 LAU SHU LING
44 1920088 林嫚玲 LIM MAN LING
45 1920093 秦宝欣 SING POH XIN
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1730295-BECE 廖丝意 LIOW SHI YIK
2 1830264-BECE 杨紫萦 YONG ZI YING
3 1820076-BECE 刘镁仪 LOW MEI YEE
4 1850253-BECE 宋莹莹 SOONG YING YING
5 1850233-BECE 叶桂婷 YAP KWAI TENG
6 1830068-BECE 陈苛君 TAN KHER JANE
7 1830266-BECE 林洁莹 LIM JIE YING
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1850621-BCL 陈慧欣 CHENG HUI XIN
2 1820083-BCL 李毓琪 LEE ANGEL
3 1530106-BCL 刘慧怡 LOW WEI YEE
5 1850307-BCL 张嘉文 CHEONG JIA WEN
6 1620076-BCL 张雪儿 CHONG SUIT YEE
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1720041-BCP 吴思颖 GOH SI YING
2 1750457-BCP 黄紫芊 NG CHEE CHEN
3 1750465-BCP 陈慧仪 TAN HUI YEE
4 1720062-BCP 萧依雯 SIW YI WEN
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1  1850196-BECE  王玮麟  WONG WEI LIN
2  1850233-BECE  叶桂婷  YAP KWAI TENG
3  1850316-BECE  陈晓慧  TAN XIAO HUI
4  1850253-BECE  宋莹莹  SOONG YING YING
5  1820017-BECE  叶柔斈  YAP ROU SHYAU
6  1730294-BECE  黄詠诗  WONG WENG SHE
7  1720034-BECE  辜燕锫  GOH YAN PEI
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1  1730296-BTCSL  郭乙霓  KOK ANN NIE
2  1730273-BTCSL  郑晓雯  TEH SIAW MAAN
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1850626-BCL 梁馨元 LEONG XIN YUAN
2 1820083-BCL 李毓琪 LEE ANGEL
3 1530106-BCL 刘慧怡 LOW WEI YEE
4 1730057-BCL 李沚暄 LEE ZHI XUAN
5 1530026-BCL 廖心瑜 LIEW CHENG EE
6 1820015-BCL 蔡晓娟 CHAI SHAO JUAN
7 1750502-BCL 黎慧盈 LAI HOI YEEN
8 1850237-BCL 苏琬婷 SOO WAN TENG
9 1850621-BCL 陈慧欣 CHENG HUI XIN
10 1750484-BCL 许愫庭 KHOR SU TING
11 1620076-BCL 张雪儿 CHONG SUIT YEE
12 1750452-BCL 林恩彤 LIM ERN THONG
学号 中文姓名 英文姓名
1 1820073-BCP 黄巧卉 NG KAH HUI
2 1750457-BCP 黄紫芊 NG CHEE CHEN
3 1720041-BCP 吴思颖 GOH SI YING
5 1720062-BCP 萧依雯 SIW YI WEN
6 1820061-BCP 李佩雯 LEE PEI WEN


Blok B & C, Lot 5, Seksyen 10, Jalan Bukit,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.