Prof. Toh Lam Seng &
Prof. Chua Ser Koon
Research Fund

Establishment of “Professor Toh Lam Seng & Professor Chua Ser Koon Research Fund” for the Local Postgraduate Students of New Era University College

On 16 October 2021, the Graduate School of New Era University College held an online event on Nusantara Lecture II in conjunction with the launch of Professor Toh Lam Seng & Professor Chua Ser Koon Research Fund. The lecture titled “Prospect of Sino-Japanese Relations after Fumio Kishida came to power” was delivered by Professor Toh Lam Seng, a renowned Singaporean scholar. About 150 persons from local and overseas attended this online lecture.

Professor Toh is an eminent scholar for history of journalism and an expert on Japanese issues and China-Japan relations. Currently, he is the director of Xiamen University’s Institute of Journalism, Honorary Advisor of the Chinese Journalism History Society, Vice President of the Journalism Research Society of Peking University and Honorary Professor of New Era University College at Kajang.

In his welcome address, Dr. Mok Soon Chong, the Vice-Chancellor of New Era University College, introduced that Prof. Toh Lam Seng and Prof. Chua Ser Koon, the academic couple, have made important academic contribution to the study of Southeast Asia. Having a shared vision, both professors generously donated RM100,000 to New Era University College at the beginning of this year and established a research fund named after them.

The Research Fund will be instrumental in helping New Era University College improve its academic development and foster next generation of scholars.

Prof. Toh Lam Seng

Prof. Chua Ser Koon


To provide financial grant to support research needs of postgraduate studies at NEUC. This will include fieldwork expenses, conference participation, research publication, etc.


All postgraduate candidates have successfully passed their Thesis Proposal Defense.

Field of Study

All, but preferably topics on history, politics, diplomacy, and peace related to Southeast Asia.

Grant amount

Maximum of RM 5,000

Distribution of Grant

RM 30,000 is allocated for application annually (RM 15,000 for March Semester & RM 15,000 for September Semester)


The research fund will be active for three years, with the possibility of extension.


Candidates are to complete the Grant Application Form (to be downloaded from the Graduate School Website) and to submit it to the Graduate School together with a grant proposal and budget. A report is to be submitted at the end of the research period.

Selection Committee

Applications will be decided biannually by a Selection Committee chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School. Members consist of:
Prof. Dr. Mok Soon Chong
Prof. Dr. Voon Phin Keong
Prof. Dr. Lee Kam Hing
Asst. Prof. Azizan bin Othman
Asst. Prof. Dr. Wong Yee Tuan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Yean Leng
Mr. Frankie Goh (or Programme Coordinator on behalf)

Terms & Conditions
  1. Applicants shall be full time or part time students of NEUC.
  2. Applicants must be committed to complete the research within their tenure at NEUC.
  3. Applicants must provide justification for all budgeted items requested for the research.
  4. The criteria for accessing the quality of the proposed research project shall include but not limited to the following:
    1. scope of the project;
    2. the originality of the project;
    3. the significance and potential contributions of the research;
    4. the soundness of the planning and methodology of research;
    5. the scientific, theoretical and technological merit of the project
  5. The applicant must also ensure that:
    1. all the details in the application are true and complete;
    2. applicants meet the objectives, eligibility and approval criteria, and all related guidelines and policies;
    3. applicants can commit the time specified in the proposed research project and realize the projected outcomes;
    4. applicants have sought all relevant clearances for the proposed research project;
    5. applicants will conduct the project under the Academic Rules and Regulations and all other ethical and safety considerations.


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