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Award: Master of Arts in ASEAN Studies (N/225/7/0021) (MQA/PA9395)
Duration 2-4 years
Intakes September
Tuition Fee RM 12,000  (To view complete fee structure, please click HERE)
Remark: This fee structure is applicable to Malaysian students only. Fee structure for international students please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.
Field of Study
Politics and History
亚洲冷战Cold War in Asia
东南亚政党与政治Party Politics in Southeast Asia
华人与国家建设Chinese and Nation Building
社会运动Social Movements
地方与区域历史研究Local and Regional Historical Research
东南亚经济史Economic History in Southeast Asia
东南亚政治史Political History in Southeast Asia
东西交通史History of Transportation Between East and the West
Society and Cultural
东南亚华人研究Southeast Asian Chinese Studies
东南亚华文文学Chinese literature in Southeast Asia
非政府组织Non-governmental Organizations
人文地理学Human Geography
文化交流Cultural Exchange
社会文化研究Social and Cultural Studies
Economics and Business
管理学Management Studies
发展经济学Development Economics
市场营销 Marketing
消费者行为Consumer Behaviour
国际贸易International Business
人力资源发展Human Resource Development
安全与健康Safety and Health


This course enables students to delve into a selected topic on ASEAN matters in order to cultivate professional expertise on ASEAN affairs. It is concerned with ASEAN as an organization, its inner workings and intra-ASEAN issues, and the relations and forces acting on ASEAN from outside the region. The programme’s scope focuses on in-depth studies concerning ASEAN and its objectives to facilitate economic, political, security, educational and socio-cultural development and integration amongst its members.

Basic Structure

The duration of full-time study is 2 to 4 years. Students are required to attend all prescribed courses, including the Research Methodology course, Directed Readings in ASEAN Studies and Seminar on Selected Topics in ASEAN Studies, and pass the Thesis Proposal Defence.

The award of a MA requires the submission of a thesis for examination at a viva voce (oral examination) by two examiners, at least one of whom is external to NEUC. The MA thesis must show a grasp of the relevant literature, the methodologies and the issues involved in a specific area of study.

Who Should Join the Programme

Candidates who are interested in deepening their understanding in an ASEAN-related area of focus.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme may choose to:

  1. Pursue an academic and/or research career in their field of study;
  2. Enhance their professional careers as experts in their field of study. They may also take advisory and/or consultant roles in the industry.


Name Field of Research
Dr. Mok Soon Chong
 莫顺宗 博士
Education and Culture of the Chinese in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Malaysian Chinese NGOs
Dr. Voon Phin Keong
文平强 博士
Human Geography (Settlement, Population, Culture), Chinese Studies, East and Southeast Asian Studies
Dr. Lee Kam Hing
 李锦兴 博士
Economic History, Political History, Chinese Overseas  Business
Associate Professor
Dr. Ng Yean Leng
伍燕翎 博士
Malaysian Chinese Literature, Chinese Overseas  Literature
Associate Professor
Dr. Lew Bon Hoi
廖文辉 博士
Southeast Asian Studies, Chinese Studies,History of Sino-foreign communication
Dr. Onn Huann Jan
安焕然 博士
Chinese Studies, History of Sino-foreign communication
Associate Professor
Dr. Tey Shi Bin
郑诗傧 博士
Chinese Studies, Cultural Communication
Assistant Professor
Dr. Pek Wee Chuen
白伟权 博士
Malaysia Regional Studies, Chinese Studies, Geographic Information System, Historical Geography
Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong Wai Shee
黃薇诗 博士
Social Movements, Chinese Social Studies
Assistant Professor
Dr. Joe Liaw Siau Chi
廖朝骥 博士
Malaysia Chinese & Party Politics, Chinese & Nation Building
Assistant Professor
Dr. Wong Yee Tuan
黄裕端 博士
Business History of Southeast Asian Chinese, Local & Regional Historical Research, Southeast Asian Studies
Associate Professor
Dr. Edward Foo Loke Min
胡禄铭 博士
Private-finance Initiatives (PFI) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Social Infrastructure and Services, particularly for Ageing Population; Ageing society; Ageing economics; Long-term Care; Investment in Retirement Villages
Dr. Wong Chiew Kung
黄招勤 博士
Malaysia Chinese Newspaper Research
Dr. Kaw Pai Yeow
高佩瑶 博士
Environmental Communication, Environmental Journalism, Sustainable Reporting, Community Environmental Education, Environmental Knowledge of Women in Malaysian New Village, Food and Agriculture Education
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ng Sze Chieh 
黄诗杰 博士
Cold War in Asia, Southeast Asian Studies, Malaysian History, Communism in Southeast Asia
Associate Professor
Dr. Shamuni a/p Kunjiapu
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Development Economics, English Medium Instruction
Assistant Professor
Frankie Goh Song Peng
Equity market; quantitative analysis; portfolio management; investment analysis; financial risk and return analysis; financial technology; cryptocurrency
Navaratnam a/l Vejaratnam Human Resources Management, Human Resource Development, Safety and Health, Personality Traits, Multiple Intelligence, Creative Thinking and Innovation, Emotional Intelligence


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