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“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey


Established in 2005, the Department of Education aims at providing professional training for teachers to serve in Chinese independent schools. Since then, the department has grown and today, it offers a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE), a Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) and a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (BECE).

The programme provides students with the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside with, people who are not only very capable lecturers but are also experienced educators themselves. Depending on your interest and career aspirations, the ECE programme will provide you with internship opportunities to equip you with a practical insight of working in the education sector while the TCSL programme focuses on approaches to teaching of the Chinese language.

Both the Diploma Programmes have been approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Students who are pursuing the TCSL programme are eligible to apply for PTPTN loans. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be well prepared to start a career in education or work in related fields.

Our Vision

To develop into an education faculty with distinct characteristics; to improve on the education system from early childhood education up to postgraduate studies; and to set up a Chinese teachers training centre in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

To cultivate professional educators with excellent Chinese language background; To nurture professional educators who excel in teaching, management, research, etc.; and to introduce innovative, creative and effective teaching methodologies into the Chinese education system.

Our Programmes

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

(R/143/6/0102) (09.06.2020-08.06.2025)

Bachelor of Education (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language)

(N/141/6/0056) (04.04.2016-21.03.2021)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

(R/141/4/0040) (09.04.2015-12.11.2020)

Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

(R/141/6/0035) (14.01.2015-01.02.2020)

Master in Education


Academic Team

Chong Wei Loong

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Dr. Wong Shwu Huey

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Dr. Wang RuiXin

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Heah Suee In

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Yap  Tse Shan
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Student Testimonial


Graduated Year:
Early Childhood Education (2013)

Current Status:
Shu-Te University, Taiwan
- Study master program at Department and Graduate School of Child Care and Family Studies

“From New Era College Early Childhood Education to my current Master studies in Shu-Te University, Taiwan, I realized that children were just like a blank sheet of paper. Their colourful life is very much depend on and influence by the family, school and society. Upon graduation, I hope to apply and implement what I have learnt to influence the family and society, and bringing colourful childhood to the lively and lovely children.”


Graduated Year:
Early Childhood Education (2014)

Current Status:
E-Bridge pre-school, Singapore (Kindergarten teacher)

“My university life in New Era University College was exciting and fulfilling. During my study, I had participated and experienced in the short-term exchange programme in Taiwan. What impresses me the most is the two-month internship in Indonesia, it is not only allows me to learn and practise my professional knowledge in Early Childhood Education, but also to experience the local culture. New Era College is just like another home of mine, the lecturers are just like my parents, and my classmates are just like my siblings A place where I always remembered after I completed my study. After graduated from New Era College, I continue my degree study in National Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan. Upon completion of my bachelor's degree, I was successfully employed by E-Bridge Pre-School in Singapore. I am able to apply and practise my previously learnt-knowledge such as Early Childhood Curriculum Design, Preschool Management, and Child Psychology, in my teaching career.”


Graduated Year:
Early Childhood Education (2017)

Current Status:
Pandan Indah (Kindergarten teacher)

“Preschool education is indeed not as simple as we imagined. It is the young children first channel where they first come into the contact with society. Early childhood education is the foundation for children’s learning, and it may also affect the children's growth and personality in the future life. I am grateful to have acquired the early childhood education professional skills from the New Era University College. The professional training has helped me to teach and to handle children’s problems more effectively and appropriately.”


Graduated Year:
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (2012)

Current Status:
Editor & Part Time Language Teacher

“Learning languages not only learning about the words and grammar. Beyond words and grammar, language carries meaning of a particular culture. Despite learning the Chinese language culture, we as trainees in New Era University college who study Teaching Chinese as a Second Language programme, not only learn to teach Chinese language but also study and understand other languages’ culture. This helped me tremendously when I did part-time teaching Korean learning Chinese. I can be more open to accept the cultural differences. At work, I can adapt to a new environment more easily and in shorter period than others. This is a great help to me!”


Graduated Year:
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (2013) 

Current Status:
Chinese Language Teacher in International School

“Teaching Chinese as a Second Language programme given me a new understanding about Chinese language. It turned out that we can understand and learn Chinese from another perspective. After choosing the teaching profession, I found that knowing a language doesn’t make me a good language teacher. As teacher, more focus should be placed on teacher’s professional development skills and ethics. Teaching is not just a job, it’s a responsibility.”


Graduated Year:
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (2016)

Current Status:
Chinese Language Teacher in Language Centre, Indonesia

“I was an international student from Indonesia. Before studying Teaching Chinese as a Second Language programme in New Era University College, I did not understand Chinese grammar nor did I know what grammatical rules was all about. After I learned it, I knew it was very important especially in teaching students.
Furthermore, I also learned a lot of professional teaching skills; it benefits me a lot.”


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