Student Affairs Department

Campus Facilities



The newly renovated 30,000 square feet library contains a collection of around 230,000 books and more than 200 titles of serial publications. Library facilities include a newspaper corner, magazine area, reference section and reading section. The Library is not only cosy, it is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as online book enquiry/search, online loan history enquiry, wireless internet access, photocopying service and scanning service to make your reading more complete and pleasurable.

The library is open to all students and staff of New Era University College as well as to the public.

- Probably the largest Chinese-language collection in the country. English and Malay-language collections are expanding year by year.

Reference Room
- Equipped with encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books.

Journals and Magazines
- Approximately 200 titles of journals and magazines.

Reading Area
- Large enough to accommodate 500 persons

Wireless Internet Access
- Free wireless internet access & services


The 13-floor hostel building houses the VIP rooms, apartment-style students’ hostel, washing machine rooms, multi-purpose community hall, canteen, offices for student union, student societies and hostelite association. Besides having 24-hour security system, each floor is equipped with a water dispenser and a lounge with satellite TV access. Each bedroom is furnished with wardrobes, study desks, chairs, beds, mattresses, washroom, bathroom, desk lights, ceiling fan, balcony and internet access.

Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is located at Level 1 of Block B. It has 5 computer rooms and 3 classrooms with a total of more than 145 computers. The computer rooms are used for different functions: computer rooms for lecture and tutorial and networking research lab.

In order to promote networking, the networking research lab has been set up as a special laboratory for research in Network Equipment and Designing Structure.

In addition, we provide broadband Internet access service(Unifi) through wired network as well as wireless network in campus and hostel.



The NEUC canteen is open for business from 7am to 9pm (Mon-Fri) and 7am to 1pm (Sat) except Sunday and public holidays.

Payment method is by Boost e-wallet or cash.

Within walking distance from NEUC, there are also restaurants, coffee shops, food stalls, hawker centres and others food outlets.




Sports & Recreation Facilities

The facilities include basketball, volleyball, badminton courts, multi-purpose courts and table tennis tables. In addition, there is a spacious Ng Ah Choo Multi-purpose Hall that can accommodate around a thousand people for dance and drama activities. We also block-book a badminton hall right in front of NEUC for students’ use.

Black Box Theatre

This is a theatre with flexible audience seating and control room. The performance space varies when different plays are staged or when directors have different requirements and requests. Audience watch performances from different angles and directions; directors will also bring in diverse and unique ideas and designs. Hence, the relationship between audience and performers will also change from one performance to the next.




Network Lab

The network lab is the place for practical training after the students attended the computer network lessons. Students can acquire basic knowledge in computer network, including network cable installation, network establishment and management.


Media Studies Facilities

Broadcasting Studios
Two broadcasting studios are equipped with two sets of recording equipment. We have installed state-of-the-art furnishing to ensure the studio is totally sound proof. It also has equipment and software for song creation, editing and radio programming.

Visual Editing Room
The room is fully equipped with professional course design. The visual production team may experience the actual practices of production involving pre and post-production.

PR Room
A gathering point for Public Relations Students to have meeting, discussion, exchange of ideas and planning for PR events and activities.

The Press Centre
The Centre publishes our community newspaper “Kajang Observer”.

The Media Resource Centre
The Centre collects press cuttings on media-related issues. Users include students and staff.

Art & Design Facilities

Mac Studio with 30 i-mac computers

'Whiteroom' art gallery

Photography studio and darkroom

Sewing Studio

Furniture, ceramic and textile workshops

Counselling Centre


The Counselling Centre provides specialized professional services designed to support the educational process and to assist students in their studies, personal and social development. Students may encounter problems, including feeling depressed or anxious, facing difficulties establishing and maintaining relationships, feeling pressure from home, and handling academic demands. In order to address these problems, we offer a range of services to all students in New Era University College. These include individual and group counselling, testing and assessment, seminars and talks on topics of interest and career planning, training peer volunteer counselors, etc. We have full time licensed counsellors who provide free services and confidentiality is guaranteed.