Student Affairs Department

The Students' Union

Brief History

New Era University College Students Union is constituted by all students registered with New Era University College (NEUC) and is also known as the student government. In line with the principle of separation of powers, it comprises the Student Executive Council (the executive body), Student Assembly (the legislative body) and Student Supervisory Council (arbitration and financial monitoring body). These three bodies provide checks and balances among themselves. The highest authority for decision making lies with the general meeting or the Union referendum.

Students Union upholds the objectives of NEUC and strives to develop NEUC in partnership with NEUC administrative and academic staff. All societies registered with the Students Union are student societies.

The Students Union was established on 2 June 1998. Apart from appointing student representatives to be members of the Canteen Management Committee and the Student Counseling Centre of NEUC, it has also set up a public forum board where students can freely express their opinions in writing on any public issues. In order to better disseminate information to the students, it also publishes the Activity Bulletin and the Student Newsletter.

The Students Union has also sent representatives to take part in community services such as jumble sales organized by secondary schools near NEUC, the Kuala Lumpur Cemeteries Study Tour organized by Youth Section of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall etc. Through these activities and interactions with the society, the office-bearers of the Students Union learn to combine knowledge with the practical reality of the world beyond the campus to enhance their capability to fulfill their ideals.

Organizational Structure of the Students Union