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Procedures for Venue Application

To: All Students

Kindly be informed that it is not necessary to submit any formal letter for venue application from now on. Please refer to the table below for the documents required for application:

Type of Activity Required Documents Remarks
Regular meeting, committee meeting and regular practice/training Venue application form --
General meeting Venue application form, agenda of general meeting --
Speech or talk, Sharing session/meeting Venue application form, topic of the speech or talk, presenter’s biodata --
Election Venue application form, rules & regulations of the election (including the date, time and venue) This is confined to societies or organizations which have the existing rules & regulations of election such as Students Union, Hostel Students’ Association, etc.
Orientation, competition, farewell party and other activities Venue application form, activity proposal (including the financial budget) To submit the review report after the related activity is held (including financial report).

Take note of the application procedures below:

  1. All documents except venue application form must be stamped by the Student Union.
  2. The stamped documents and venue application form must be submitted to the Student Affairs Department 5 working days before the activity is held.
  3. Activities conducted by the academic and administration offices are not confined to the above regulations.

Should you have any enquiries, kindly contact the Student Affairs Department.