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Part-time Work on Hourly Basis

Work opportunities in NEUC

NEUC provides opportunities for students with financial difficulties to take up part-time work in NEUC. In the beginning of semester, Student Affairs Department will help to register students who wish to take up part-time work in NEUC. Students will be assigned part-time work based on the needs of various departments in NEUC and Dong Zong. The students involved will be responsible mainly for assisting in the operations of the departments concerned.

For wages, please refer to the list of Part-time Wage.

Opportunities for part-time work are limited and allocation is strictly such based on the needs of the students.

Work opportunities outside NEUC

The Student Affairs Department may inform students of part-time work opportunities outside NEUC. Students can obtain relevant information from the department notice boards or NEUC Forum in the website.

The following is a list of Part-time (hourly-basis) wage:

Type of Part-time Wage (RM) / Hour
General 4.00
Audio, Furniture removal / repair 6.25
Models of Department of Art and Design 5.00
Sound or Video Recording, Photography 6.25
Computer Technical Work 6.25