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Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

Shuttle Bus Service between Bukit Mewah Campus and TKS Kajang Sentral Campus

New Era University College - Klang Valley Integrated Transit Map

Transport to and from New Era University College

To New Era University College
There are three ways to come to NEUC using public transport:

  1. Take MRT from any MRT station to Kajang MRT Station (last station), walk for about 5 minutes to reach NEUC.
  2. Take the KTM commuter train to Kajang Station. From the commuter station, walk for about 5 minutes to reach NEUC.
  3. Take the shuttle bus to Kajang from the bus stand next to MYDIN department store opposite Maybank Headquarters Building near Puduraya in Kuala Lumpur city centre.

To Puduraya Bus Station

  1. Take the KTM Kommuter train from Kajang to Tasik Selatan Station; then take STAR LRT to Plaza Rakyat Station located next to Puduraya Bus Station.
  2. At the bus stand in front of BILLION Supermarket in Kajang town centre, take the shuttle bus to Maybank Building in Kuala Lumpur, then walk for about five minutes to reach Puduraya Bus Station.

To Terminal 1 Bus Station in Seremban
Take the KTM commuter train from Kajang to Seremban Station and walk for about 10 minutes to reach Terminal 1 Bus Station.

To Kajang Bus Terminal
Buses and mini buses are available from Kajang town centre to Kajang Bus Terminal. The bus terminal operates long distance bus services to the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia and bus companies such as Transnational, Konsortium, Sani Ekspress, Eagle Ekspress, Durian Burung, Sri Maju and etc. have set up counters here for sale of bus tickets.

To Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 

  1. Take the KTM commuter train to Bandar Tasik Selatan Station and then change to ERL and either take the fast route to KLIA direct or take the economical route by going to Putrajaya Station first and from there to KLIA.
  2. Take a taxi from NEUC to KLIA. (Kajang Taxi Station: 03-8736 9585)
  3. Take the KTM commuter train from Kajang to Nilai Station and then take a bus to KLIA.
  1. The following parking regulations are implemented to ensure campus safety and effective management of vehicles entering the campus.
  2. Every vehicle entering the campus should have a NEUC car sticker and should be parked in the parking lots at Car Park B or C.
  3. There are 3 types of Car Stickers:
    1. Car Sticker for staff
      (Staff are required to apply for it from the HR Department, and shall return it when resigned.)
    2. Car Sticker for students
      (Students are required to apply for it from the Student Affairs Department)
    3. Visitor Pass
      (Visitors are required to register and obtain a temporary pass at the entrance from the security. The pass must be returned when they leave the campus.)
  4. Kindly attach the car sticker at the front wind screen of your vehicle to facilitate identification and examination.
  5. The car sticker does not ensure availability of parking spaces. When the parking spaces at car park B or C are full, kindly follow the guard’s instruction and park the vehicle outside the campus.
  6. Staff and students with NEUC car stickers are allowed to park their vehicles in the car park of the Holy Family Church (opposite NEUC campus), however, they are reminded to wear proper attire and behave courteously, and to refrain from smoking and talking loudly in the car park.
  7. During working hours, visitors coming to attend activities must park their vehicles outside the campus unless permitted to enter by NEUC management in special occasions.
  8. Vehicles’ speed limit in the campus is 25 km / hr.
  9. Staff, students and visitors are advised that the vehicles are parked at their own risk.  Any damage to NEUC properties or public facilities must be compensated at market value.
  10. Penalty for contravening these parking regulations:
    1. 1st offence -- a warning letter will be given
    2. 2nd offence -- a fine of RM30 for unlocking the vehicle
    3. 3rd offence -- a fine of RM30 for unlocking the vehicle, plus withdrawal of car sticker and the owner/driver will be banned from re-applying for a car sticker.
  11. Vehicles parked outside the designated parking spaces will be locked. While the vehicles remain locked, the Management will not be responsible for any damage done to them by a third party.
  12. The General Affairs Department is empowered to modify these regulations as it deems fit.

Vehicle Management of NEUC

  1. The fee for car sticker is RM11.00 per sticker and valid for a year. Car sticker must be affixed on the car windshield for identification purpose.
  2. The car sticker allows you to enter New Era University College (NEUC) campus only and not a guarantee for a parking lot.
  3. Students are only allowed to park their cars in the designated areas.
  4. The NEUC reserves the right to clamp any vehicles that parked at the prohibited areas.
  5. Students park their cars at the NEUC campus at their own risk. The NEUC is not responsible for any risk, loss or damage to any vehicle parked in the campus.
  6. All vehicles that entering the NEUC Campus after 10:00pm must register with the Security Post.
  7. Each student is entitled to apply for one car sticker only. However, if there is any change on car registration number or sticker has damaged, please apply for replacement and present old car sticker while collecting the new copy. The replacement fee of RM 11.00 will be charged accordingly. Student Affairs Department has the right to confiscate the expired car sticker(s) from the students.

Vehicle Pass Application