Student Affairs Department

Off Campus Reminder

Students should pay attention to the following while searching for residential units to rent:

1)  Before searching for residential units to rent:

  1. Get to know the surrounding environment, the security condition and the personality of the house owner.
  2. Consider accessibility of the location to and from NEUC.
  3. Check whether there is adequate street lighting around the house.

2)  When viewing the house:

  1. Bring along friends to accompany you when you go to look at the house.
  2. If you are going alone, inform your family and friends about the location, time and your telephone contact and call them to report that you are safe.
  3. Check the house’s facilities: faucet, shower, toilet bowl, lamp, socket, whether the wall have severe cracks. List details for all items that malfunction or require repair and the date of repair in the contract the repair date in the contract with landlord to avoid disputes in future.
  4. All requirements should be listed in the contract with landlord to avoid disputes in future; e.g. additional electrical equipment such as refrigerator, washing machine, water heater and others.

3)  Be sure to sign the contract to avoid disputes, the contracts should be noted:

  1. Clarify the compensation for tenants, should the landlord prematurely terminate the lease. This will avoid unhappy settlement.
  2. Management fees should include include security charge, public areas cleaning fee, garbage fee, and maintenance fee of public area. It should be clearly stated in the contract if the management fees are borne by the landlord, so as to avoid further claims or increase on the rent.
  3. Tenant should confirm with the landlord whether the rent covers parking. This should clarify the inclusion or exclusion of any increase in rental for added parking spaces.
  4. The contract should stipulate which party should bear the cost of buildings and equipment repairs, and maintenance fee.
  5. Confirm if the rental units are equipped with Indah Water System, include in the contract who should pay for the invoice from Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd.

4)  Get to know the management team:

  1. Record the management contact number.
  2. Find out the management fees and ensure that the landlord has paid the management fees.
  3. Refer to water fee calculation table. It can be found on .
  4. Confirm with the management how the water fee is calculated and how much to pay for each month.

5)  If you are renting from a main tenant (He is not the owner. He is sub-letting to you.):

  1. Check the expiry date of the contract/lease between the landlord and the main tenant.
  2. Ensure the landlord has stated in the contract that the main tenant is allowed to sublet or sublease the units/rooms.
  3. If main tenant have moved in advance, remember to collect back the deposits.

6)  Residential securities:

  1. Ensure the door can be closed properly; security door and window grills are unimpeded; the passage should be clear for emergency exits.
  2. Window grills should be locked to keep out thieves; the keys must be displayed for residents to be able to use it in case of emergencies.
  3. Tenants may request the landlord to change the locks, add window/door grills, and other additional features, which should be added into the contract. The contract should also include any agreement to allow tenants to make the changes.
  4. Tenant should be familiar with escape routes of the building; the corridors should have emergency light.
  5. Note and be alert whether there are suspicious personalities around the house.
  6. Inform your parents and NEUC of the correct address and telephone contact of the house rented.