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Journal of Education and Teaching, Vol. 1, No. 2

The Journal of Education and Teaching is a peer-reviewed journal focused on education, teaching and learning related research and studies. This journal seeks to make available new evidence-based theories and understandings of educational change in diverse settings, in both local and international contexts. It is concerned with education in its broadest sense, including education policy, educational philosophy, teaching methods, education and teaching problems and challenges, and educational trends. The journal aims to provide a forum for global educational practitioners to exchange and discuss their education, teaching and learning outcomes in a scholarly way and provide an academic pathway for the publication of educational research results around the world.

Exploration in Theory

China's "One Belt, One Road" Initiative: The Chinese Language Dissemination Model in Malaysia
    Yap Teng Teng     / 1

Investigation and Study on Mathematical Anxiety and Related Factors of University Students in Malaysia
    Heng Han Kok     Izwan Harith bin Md. Ithnan     / 11

Research on Teaching

The Predicate-Object Structure Used in Malaysia: A Study of the Influence of Dialects in Malaysian Chinese
    Ng Lay Shi     / 25

An Inquiry on the Theory of Teaching-Leaming Poetry and Ci with respect to its Effective Practice on Appreciative Recitation
    Mok Soon Sang     / 31

The Perception of UiTM Mandarin Class Students towards Blended Leaming in Mandarin Lessons
    Tan Teow Ghee     Hoe Foo Terng     / 45

An Evaluation of the Compilation of the Chinese Characters Exercise Book of Gateway to Mandarin Chinese
    Lee Ling     / 53

Thoughts on the Development of Chinese Language Teaching in Malaysia
    Wang Rui Xin     / 63

Research Review

A Review on Total Physical Response and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Tan Hua An     Tan Tiam Lai     / 69



Prof. WANG Nanshi(Nankai)
Prof. WANG Weiguo (Xi'an Jiaotong)
Prof. MARIANI Binti Md Nor (Malaya)
Prof. HE Xihui (Taipei)
Prof. CHEN Rongzheng(National Chengchi)
Prof. LOH Sau Cheong (Malaya)
Prof. GUO Yuanxiang (Central China Normal)
Prof. GUO Xi (Jinan)
Prof. JIANG Liping (Beijing Language and Culture)

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