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Emergency Evacuation Procedure

  • If the fire alarm activates, do not panic and wait for the evacuation instruction announcement.
  • Turn off power supplies; make sure that no one is in the classroom or office before locking the door.
  • When evacuation is announced keep calm, do not run or panic.
  • Use the stairs to evacuate from the building; do not use the lift.
  • Avoid passing through the fire scene.
  • Do not carry large and heavy items.
  • If there is smoke, use a wet cloth to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Assemble at the grass field unless otherwise instructed.
  • Do not return to classroom or office unless declared safe by fire department or management.

New Era University College
General Affairs Department

Escape Direction

Indoor Emergency Evacuation Plan

Block B

1st Floor
  2nd Floor
  3rd Floor
4th Floor
  5th Floor
  Ground Floor

Block C

1st Floor
  2nd Floor
  3rd-10th Floor
Ground Floor
  Lower Ground Floor
  Upper Ground Floor


Outdoor Emergency Evacuation Plan