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Implementation on the Online Learning (May Semester, 2020)

Ref. No. : N20/AA/GE/033
Date : 24 April 2020

To : All lecturers


Re: Implementation on the Online Learning (May Semester, 2020)

  1. There will be no delay in the start of May Semester as usual on May 11. All departments please get ready towards this direction.
  2. Online teaching is imperative for May Semester and It might be implemented throughout the whole semester. AA need to confirm that the lecturers’ KPI is zero complaints. If any complaint or questions come through Confession Page, Students Union, we will refer to head of department and the relevant lecturer to be responsible.
  3. For all questions about the online teaching and learning from home, withdrawal and deferment, shall be answered by the Academic Affairs Unit via WhatsApp’s (012-2076233, 011-11237954, 012-3626126) or email at
  4. The registration of NEW student will go until June, and even in the late June. For late registered students, Hods please send the video recordings of the first four lessons to the late comer. The registration of existing students is also delayed. The lecturer does not have to tell the students that the attendance rate is insufficient, the attendance rate will be evaluated by the Academic Affairs Unit. Once there is video recording, there is no problem of being late to keep up.
  5. All the mid-term and final exams will replace by assignments. No attendance will be taken.
    • Two assignments, 60% of the first assignment(individual or 2-3 for group) and 40% of the second (individual)
    • The 2nd assignment is to replace the final exam. Therefore, is no issue of being late for the enrollment. There is no presentation if unnecessary and the score for the presentation is not counted. · The first assignment will be issued no later than the second week, and pass up in the 11th week.
    • The second assignment is issued no later than the 6th week and pass up in the 15th week.
  6. After the semester starts on May 11th, every online teaching session requires extraordinary effort from our lecturers. The enrollment team will provide open lecture and there might have students decide to enroll after the public lecture.
  7. The video recording for every lecture should be supervised by the Hods and programme coordinator. The Academic Affairs Unit will conduct random checks as evidence for students' complaints.
  8. The course briefing on May 8 will be arranged online by each department.

Thank you.

Registrar's Office (Academic Affairs Unit)