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Examination Regulations

All candidates should comply with the following regulations:

  1. Admission
    Candidates should enter the examination hall 10 minutes before the examination. Having been admitted to the examination hall, they are not allowed to leave without permission from the invigilator. The candidates should wear proper attire to the exam venue. No shorts or sleeveless sweater are allowed.
  2. Discipline
    While entering or leaving the examination hall, all candidates must keep silent to avoid causing disturbance to others. Candidates are not allowed to discuss with each other in the examination hall. They should remain silent within or around the examination venue before or after the examination.
  3. Materials prohibited
    (i)   Except for open-book examinations and other specific instructions given by the invigilators, candidates are
           not permitted to bring in any book, paper, pencil case, notebook, files, etc. to the examination hall.
    (ii)  If the course lecturer has specifically allowed candidates to bring in dictionaries, only printed editions are
           permitted. Electronic dictionaries or computer dictionaries should not be brought into the examination hall.
    (iii) Candidates should avoid bringing valuable belongings into examination room. Any personal belongings,
           such as laptop, etc. can be kept behind the examination room. However, the college shall not be held
           responsible for the loss of any such items.
    (iv) If the course lecturer has specifically allowed candidates to use electronic calculators, only
           non-programmable calculators are permitted. However, such calculators should not have the following
               a. Integration ∫dx
               b. Differentiation d/dx
               c. Formula Memory
               d. Matrix
  4. Late entry to examination hall
    No candidates are permitted to enter the examination hall 30 minutes after the examination has started. The chief invigilator should be informed before hand if there is any delay due to unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Exit from the examination hall
    Candidates are not permitted to leave the examination hall during the first 30 minutes and last 15 minutes of each examination.
  6. Seating arrangement
    Candidates must be seated according to the seat number allocated for each course.
  7. Verification of candidates
    Candidates must fill up the attendance slip attached to the answer booklet. The attendance slip should then be
    detached and placed together with the student card on the table for verification by the invigilator.
  8. Writing pens
    Candidates are to use a blue or black ball point pen for writing their answers.
  9. Examination paper
    Candidates are not allowed to read the examination paper before the invigilator announces the commencement
    of the examination.
  10. Answer scripts
    (i)  Candidates should write the student ID numbers, course codes, course names and question numbers on
          the answer booklets.
    (ii) When the chief invigilator announces the end of the examination, all candidates must stop writing and place
          the answer scripts on the table for the invigilators to collect.
  11. Answer booklets
    (i) Candidates should write on both sides of the answer booklets or answer sheets given.
    (ii) If the candidates need more answer booklets or answer sheets, they should raise their hands.
    (iii) Student ID numbers should be indicated on every page of the answer booklets or answer sheets.
    (iv) Loose answer sheets should be arranged in order and tied to the answer booklets.
    (v) Candidates are not allowed to bring any answer paper (used or unused) out of the examination hall.
  12. Absence
    Any candidate who is unable to sit for the examination (for a valid reason) must notify the college in writing before the examination.
  13. Penalty
    Candidates who do not comply with the above regulations (on the day of the exam) will not be allowed to take the examination.