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Academic Regulations - Addendum Regulation

Addendum Regulation 1: Application procedures for credit exemption

  1. Explanation: Students studying in this College who wish to change their programmes of studies or students transferred from other institutions of higher learning may apply for credit exemption according to these procedures.
  2. The following students may apply for credit exemption:
    2.1  Students of this College who have changed their programmes of studies:
    • Lateral transfer in the same year (including those completing one semester in a certificate programme transferred to another certificate programme);
    • Students demoted to other programmes of studies;
    • Students having completed one year in the certificate programmes and proceeding to Diploma programmes in other departments;
    • Students having completed one year in Foundation programmes and proceeding to 3+0, 2+1 or 2+2 Degree programmes in other departments.
    2.2  Students of this College who apply for re-admission;
    2.3  Students having completed at least one semester in related programmes in other educational institutions
           recognized by the Department of Education, in possession of relevant certificates or diplomas and have
           applied to be transferred to the relevant programmes in this College.
  3. Scope of credit exemption
    3.1  Students transferred from other programmes: Credit exemptions are given for common elective courses of
           the College, MQA courses, common compulsory courses and relevant elective courses of the departments
    3.2  Transfer students: Credit exemptions allowed only on the following conditions:
            3.2.1  Common elective courses, MQA courses, language courses of equivalent standards in the recognized
                      institutions can be exempted;
            3.2.2  Credit exemption for compulsory courses in the relevant programmes in this College is subjected
                      to a maximum of one-third of the compulsory credits, and the results of the relevant courses must
                      not be below 40 marks;
            3.2.3  Total credit exemption should not exceed one half of the total credits required for graduation in the
                      relevant programme in this College;
            3.2.4  Application for credit exemption should be supported with the syllabus of the relevant course taken
                      as evidence of the academic standard of the course; application for credit exemption should be
                      submitted together with application for admission into the College and will be valid only within the
                      first two weeks after commencement of the semester and later applications will not be processed.
  4. Contents of courses to be exempted
    4.1  Same course names and contents;
    4.2  Different course names but similar course contents
    4.3  Different course names and contents but of similar nature.
  5. Maximum duration of study: Students transferred from other programmes or institutions must study in the relevant programmes in this College for at least 1.5 years, subjected to the maximum duration of study as applicable to other students.
  6. Procedures for approving application for credit exemption
  1. Obtain and fill in the “Application Form for Transfer of Programme” (Attached with evidence of  of course results, credits obtained and relevant certificates or diplomas etc)


  2. Make payment at the Finance Office for RM50 processing fee.


  3. Submit to the executive at Registrar’s Office for checking by Recruitment and Selection Committee in accordance with the procedures.


  4. Respective departmental heads to check credit exemption and courses (departmental heads to sign on the “Credit Exemption Checklist”)


  5. Submit to Registrar for rejection or acceptance for enrollment procedures.

Addendum Regulation 2: New Era College Chinese language proficiency regulation
  (Revised by Academic Committee Meeting on 12th April 2006)

According to New Era College Regulations, all graduates MUST fulfill the required Chinese proficiency requirement except students from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

  1. Those who possess Chinese language qualification(s) in UEC, STPM, SPM or other equivalent qualifications are required to attend a semester of Chinese language. Successful candidates will receive two credits. Those who obtain result within the exemption band (please refer to Chapter 5, New Era College Academic Regulations) will be exempted from these Chinese language classes.
  2. Those with Chinese language qualification in UPSR and PMR must attend at least 2 semesters of Chinese language classes. Successful candidates will be awarded 2 credits.
  3. Those without any Chinese language competency whatsoever must take at least 3 semesters of Basic Mandarin Course and will be awarded 3 credits if they pass.

Addendum Regulation 3: Procedures for voluntary suspension and withdrawal

  1. Specifications on voluntary suspension

    1.1  Students may apply for voluntary suspension based on the following grounds:

    • Diagnosed by a hospital recognized by the College as suffering from any illness that requires treatment or some recuperation period and having applied for leave that has accumulated to more than one-third of the total credit hours in a semester;
    • Having applied for leave that accumulates to more than one-third of the total credit hours in a semester, in which case the courses taken in that semester have to be taken again after the voluntary suspension;
    • Students requiring application for voluntary suspension due to special reasons or problems or students ordered by the College to apply for voluntary suspension must complete the required procedures within four weeks after commencement of a new semester.
    1.2  Students are only allowed to go on voluntary suspension for one semester or one academic year, and
           extension of such suspension must be applied separately, subject to a maximum period of two years;
    1.3  Students who do not apply for re-enrollment upon expiry of the suspension are deemed to have withdrawn
           from the College.
    1.4  Conditions and specifications on voluntary suspension for students receiving scholarships, loans or special
           financial assistance:
    • Students receiving scholarships or loans from the College will have their scholarships and loans withheld during voluntary suspension until they resume their studies;
    • Students receiving scholarships or loans from the College who do not resume their studies or choose to withdraw after expiry of their voluntary suspensions must pay back the relevant amounts in installments within the specified period;
    • Students who have received special financial assistance from the College will have such assistance automatically withdrawn when they apply for voluntary suspension.
  2. Specifications on withdrawal from College
    2.1  Students under the following circumstances shall be dealt with according to withdrawal procedures:
    • diagnosed as seriously ill or incapacitated due to accidents and are not able to continue their studies;
    • stopped their studies without applying for withdrawal and who cannot be contacted;
    • failed in two-thirds or more of the courses taken in a semester or an academic year;
    • not attended classes or absent without reasons for one-third or more of the class hours in a semester;
    • not able to graduate after the specified maximum period of study;
    • committed public criminal offences or offences under other regulations of the College and must withdraw;
    • students with valid reasons for withdrawal should submit the relevant application within four weeks after commencement of a semester.
  3. Procedures for processing applications
    Students who wish to apply for voluntary suspension or withdrawal from the College must go through the following procedures:

    Obtain the “Suspension/Withdrawal Application Form”
    from the form shelf at the College Administration Office

    Fill in the form

    Approach the respective departments for checking and
    relevant approvals as indicated on the form

    Parents / Guardians

    Head of Department / Programme coordinator

    Counselling Centre (to receive counselling if necessary

    Public Relations and Student Affairs Department


    Finance Office

    Registrar’s Office

    Submit the approved form and student card to the
    executive or assistant at the Registrar’s Office

  4. Relevant provisions

    4. 1  Students receiving scholarships or loans from the College but have withdrawn from the College must pay
           back in installments within the specified period the amounts of scholarships or loans that they have
    4. 2  Students who withdrew or were expelled from the College are not permitted to apply for re-enrollment;
    4. 3  Retention or refund of tuition fee: Students who have been approved for voluntary suspension or
           withdrawal and wish to apply for retention or refund of tuition fee must do so within two weeks after the
           approval was given;

    • Students approved for voluntary suspension must retain their tuition fee until they resume their studies but miscellaneous fees paid will not be refunded;
    • Students who have been approved to withdraw according to item A or item G under the specifications for withdrawal may have 75% of their tuition fee refunded but no miscellaneous fees will not be refunded;
    • Students ordered to withdraw from the College according to Items B to F under the specifications for withdrawal will not have their fees refunded.

Addendum Regulation 4: Online course selection and checking of academic results

  1. Students can log on to the Intranet of New Era College at for course registration every semester and for checking the academic results every semester.
  2. Students who log on to the course registration and results checking system for the first time need to key in their student number (e.g. 0510001) as user identity and identity card number (e.g. 830202015533) as password. They can change their password after they have logged on.
  3. For course selection procedures, students can refer to the Online Course Selection section under the Academics Department at
  4. Application forms for course selection over the maximum credit limit, retake and courses exemption can be downloaded from the College’s intranet.

Submitted to College Management Meeting on 26 November 2004
Approved by College Management Meeting on 21 February 2005. Amended
27 October 2005,
2 October 2006
19 December 2007
22 October 2008